10 Unique Gadgets in 2019 that will blow your mind

10 Amazing gadgets of this year

At the moment, the development of technology is striking in its scale. It would seem that scientists have come up with all sorts of devices that not only make life easier but also make it brighter and more interesting.

Nevertheless, new inventions continue to amaze our imagination and cause a flurry of enthusiastic exclamations. The 2019 year also promises to be rich in various technical innovations. And looking at the list of the top 10 most unusual inventions of this year one really want to say that the future has already come.

Acer Swift 7 laptop

The most anticipated gadget of this year was the Acer Swift 7 laptop. Now you might be asked: “But what’s unusual about it?”. Indeed. But a distinctive feature of this model is the unusually low weight of the device. Only 890 grams! And the thickness of such a device is no more than the thickness of a smartphone.

Royole FlexPai foldable smartphone

Also, little-known company Royole also pleased users with the Royole FlexPai foldable smartphone. This year at the main exhibition of technology the company presented something between a smartphone and a tablet. And the whole secret of the device is the bending screen. So, with one movement of the hand, the smartphone becomes a tablet and vice versa.

Opté precision skincare

Another device that will please all lovers of fashion and beauty industry is Opté. Procter&Gamble presented a truly magical device that in a few minutes will help you transform beyond recognition. Opté corrects the complexion by covering certain areas of the face with a thin layer of Foundation. The device itself uses the scanner to identify problem areas.

Aftershokz headphones

Good news for fans to listen to music and swimming in the pool. Now you can combine your two favorite activities. All these thanks to AfterShokz, which released headphones based on bone conduction technology. It is clear that such a device is not afraid of water. By the way, the headphones are already on sale, so hurry up.

Coolpad Dyno smartwatches

Among all the serious news there is something for children. Coolpad Dyno smartwatches not only have a colorful design, but also a lot of useful features. Now you can stay in touch with your child with watches. Make calls, send SMS, call emergency services. All this is available in this wonderful device.


Flexible keyboard from Royole

One of the main criteria of modern technology is the ease of use and compactness. A bright representative of such parameters can be called a flexible keyboard from Royole. The keyboard is placed in a small cylindrical case, made in the form of a thin flexible plastic tape on which the keyboard keys are drawn. Syncs with any device via Bluetooth and is ready to use

Vive VR

In the list of top 10 gadgets, VR gadget from Vive deserves its place. Now the company is actively working to improve the technology in the future to provide players with the ability to control the game only with the eyes. It sounds strange, but it is possible. Such a breakthrough in the development of technology can allow a detailed study of the position of the user’s eyes. This will largely affect the development of game graphics.

Omron HeartGuide watch

Also, do not forget to monitor health. Omron HeartGuide-watch, which among other things can measure the pressure, will help us do it.

New Xiaomi lock

The security of your home can be trusted the New Xiaomi lock. The company introduced a door lock that opens with a fingerprint or your mobile device. However, there is a simple key for the lock.

Xiaomi heater with Wi-Fi

Another interesting device from Xiaomi is a heater with Wi-Fi. Comfort and warmth in the house are easy to create with the help of this gadget, which is controlled through the phone or touch screen on the device.

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