BigOption Review and Thought about Broker

Binary options brokers became very popular these days because everyone wants to join the market and get the good profit, which is quite understandable. But at the same time, the number of scammers providing people with so-called service is constantly growing. In this mad world, our mission is to learn how to tell the difference between a good broker and a scam one.

Today we are going to make a review on BigOption system, we will talk about the pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages.


The positive point, which is important for any binary options broker website, is that there are lots of pages with info. There is account information with the difference between them, explained. There is also a page with educative materials, blog, where you can ask the professionals some questions, support centre and market review. The trading methods differentiation is also shown on the adjacent page. There is a support centre and little information about the company, but you can also enjoy the video which is, frankly speaking, is blurry and does not give you the right idea.

The system guarantees the education courses for novices at the platform. And they say, the broker is safe for the professionals even. BigOprion claims, that they have the highest per cent of payout (which is 85 per cent, id to believe them). There are different methods of paying and banking cards list, the system is acceptable.

The interesting thing, that on the page bottom you will see the awards and prices of the company, as well as the logos of different partners. There is even a sign 18+, which means you may only join if you are over eighteen years old.

You may also stay in touch and connect your other social networks, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube channel and Google plus account. There is an application you can download on your smartphone or Android to control your assets and keep in touch with other people on the platform.


First of all the website is really poor, no design and it is outdated, as we can see it from the first glance. There is no charts and the information on how the system works and what it can bring you, and why you should choose this one and not the other broker.

The site is well structured, but the content is not informative enough. You get the general phrases and general information about the system. They only use the phrases, like anyone else here – we are the best broker.

The existing referral proposal from the system only confirms the idea of the unpopularity of the BigOption broker. You will get fifty dollars for one referral.


Taking into account the fact it deals with your money, you should wonder, if the system is legal and if it’s regulated. So, this system seems good, even if we don’t take the design side, it is still poor and has no concept at all. And yes, no info and names on site, you guessed – it is not licensed. And the doubts may occur here since you should not trust your money, anyone like this broker. We do not recommend it.

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