3commas new multi-platform or Scam

3commas will help to get rich or… Scam?

Cryptocurrency has become a very popular way of earning; so many services are trying to create platforms that optimize the workflow of traders. All kinds of auxiliary tools can be quite effective if used correctly. This time we would like to further explore the 3Commas platform that allows you to manage crypto resources. In this article, we will consider in detail the principle of the platform, and most importantly, to answer the question: Is 3Commas legit?

Such attention to different ways of earning can be explained by the fact that cases of fraud among various brokers and website developers have become more frequent, when under the guise of service for making money, users are slipped typical fraudulent schemes, because of which people lose money.

3Commas. What is it?

3Commas is a platform for managing crypto resources. It is an ecosystem where regardless of the level of knowledge the user can earn on cryptocurrency. One of the interesting features that are provided to the user can be called the smart trade system – the most frequently used project tool that allows you to open the usual transactions (buy/sell) in such a way that their closure would be the most profitable.

Also, traders will be able to use the function of the trading robot. As the developers say, the site already has a ready algorithm for its work, and you will need to spend only a few minutes to configure it.

How 3Commas works

3commas 2019 allows users to make cryptocurrency transactions across different exchange services with a single platform. They have established strategic partnerships with several most popular exchange services, that have a good image. This is one of the main advantages that have caused such a wide demand for the platform.

There are many other features available on 3commas that help to optimize the trading process and increase revenue.

How much is 3commas?

SmartTrade and SmartSell are only paid services of all the functionality provided by the project 3commas Opening and closing trades will cost 0.25% of each order executed.

In addition, when registering accounts are presented to choose from. Two of them are paid. There is also a free subscription with some limitations on functionality.

In general, registration on the project is no different from other similar sites.

Is it possible to earn on 3commas?

One can ask, whether one can actually earn money if to trust all our trades to a trading bot on this service?

Of course, we are talking more about the service on which this bot operates. Investing in cryptocurrency is a very serious step. Where is the guarantee that this is not a fraudulent scheme? Of course, no platform will guarantee 100% that you will make a profit. Exchange is always a risk. But it has to be deliberate.

In the course of writing the site review, we checked out many 3Commas reviews. Of course, among them, there were those who were not satisfied with the quality of service. The reasons were quite different. But one of the most frequent complaints was about skimming of trades. Users claim that “they take more on top of the fees from the exchanges”. Contacting support did not help to solve this problem, and moreover, they completely denied the fact that it could actually happen.

But it cannot be that a few hundred people were wrong or they thought. Skimming is one of the popular fraudulent schemes that are widespread on the Internet. So as soon as you notice such suspicious things – stop working, because later you will lose a lot more.

What is suspiciously

Another problem faced by many users is technical support, which does not want to help solve the problems encountered while working on the site. The company is not interested in solving problems but takes money with pleasure, because the service is paid. Such behavior cannot be called normal. Therefore, in no case, one can work on the platform with terrible support.

And another, the last fact that convinced us of the dishonesty of the company – complaints about illegal transactions through PayPal. We are talking about the fact that some were found in their wallet transaction to 3commas. However, people did not know when the money left their account. It was not even about small amounts, but about hundreds of dollars.

As mentioned above in 3commas review, technical support does not want to solve such issues. And the managers are trying to deny this fact. Refund at the same time brings a lot of inconvenience to users who have lost their money because of this fraudulent scheme. Some still have not received their money, which was withdrawn six months ago.

Such actions should alert every user who decided to trade cryptocurrency. Reliability and honesty of the platform are the main criteria that lead to financial security.

Our recommendations

We strongly recommend do not work with this service, because 3commas scam will not bring you any profit. As we told in the article, the 3commas platform has a dubious reputation despite the fact that it has such a wide functionality. Or maybe this is one of the reliable ways to attract as many customers for profit?

Illegal money transactions, poor technical support – this is enough to refuse to use such an unreliable service. In addition, most of the reviews on different sites, including the main page of the platform – a fake, which was paid for. Many scammers try this way to cause as much trust from potential users. Looking at such a successful example of another person unwittingly one wants to repeat their success, especially since advertising promises it all to be easy.

Hundreds of people fall into this trap every day. Therefore, we recommend you always choose the platform on which you are going to invest and work with currencies carefully. Read more reviews to know where danger may be waiting for you.

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