A Bitcoin Focus Group review

In this review we will describe the following online SCAM system Bitcoin Focus group. We will go through very important details on why this is a SCAM and fake. And at the end we will be showing you some of the safest systems for traders-beginners. So, let’s have a look.

If you are just starting in online money making process, you should know some important facts. If we are speaking of bitcoin trading the system is not that easy. It takes some time to learn and to practice before you will start to trade with actual money. In almost every platform there are so called demo accounts. They offering you a free school with some money on your account that you can use to learn, but you cannot withdraw. Then you just need to guess if the currency of your choice or bitcoin will go up or down. And as a result of your betting you will be getting profits or no. So when you feel that you are ready, only then you should start investing your own money with a small amount.

Let’s see why you should not trust your money to Bitcoin Focus Group. To begin with we will take a look to their presentation t and the person is named as a creator of this system. He is appearing on the first minute of their video. But if you google him and this personality, you will see that he is fake. The photo is stocked as well.

If you check the web page a little lower, you will see that there are more faces on the page. Those are the customers with their positive feedbacks on this program. But to be honest, none of these personalities are real. If you select each one of them and then compare their faces on internet, you will see that they are just paid actors, that for only small amount can make any encouraging video once or ever.


And to be honest, we didn’t even need to go too much deep into the system itself to understand that it is a SCAM. Every 10 seconds of us being on their web page, a message popped up.


This commercial trick makes you nervous and rushing you to invest the money not to lose the opportunity to participate. Normally if you are interested in such a deal, you will need some time to think. But this message doesn’t give you any. So you are investing the money never to see them again.
Then some information about bitcoin comes up. And of course you are getting only great feedback on that. It is not easy to make money as a trader. But the Bitcoin Focus Group tells you that you do not have to do anything at all and only to enjoy the profits.


And even after you see such a promising message as this.


We need you to stay focused and take a look at the license or official guarantees of this system. As there are none. More than that. At the very bottom of the page you will find an interesting and actually trues description of privacy policy. Where the company says, that they are not responsible for your loosing deposits and that their previous activity should not be considered, as the trading market never promises 100% success. So how we can believe this video in that case?

And the same notice says that on the territory of the US this activity is not regulated. So even if you will be looking for justice in case of losing money, you will not find any.
So this would be all in terms of the review of a SCAM Bitcoin Focus Group. Needless to say that it is very easy nowadays to be tricked by all kinds of different SCAM systems on line.

We are here representing one safe and great platform for the beginners of trading. The “Tools Trades” system, Just go on their web site and they will provide you with all necessary knowledge and support before you start making your money on line. They are not promising millions from the beginning, but after some training you will get to your success. Good luck!

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