A new boom of virtual reality in London after EGX Rezzed gaming fare

A new boom of virtual reality in London after EGX Rezzed gaming fare

Virtual Reality industry is booming. Today such business players as Sony, HTC and Oculus are trying to take their niche in a new developing VR market with new revolutionary products in gaming. A limited amount of their headsets appeared on sale already, Sony is promising to introduce its PlayStation VR in October, while Oculus Rift is already at the shops.

VR is very trendy now, and independent developers have the most creative ideas. They create really cool projects, have strange but interesting creative ideas and they are easier and more flexible to fit the stream than the giant developers.

For example, check the “Blind” – latest VR game from Italian Tiny Bull Studios.

You put on your VR and become a small girl, you just woke up in a strange house, you’re are facing amnesia and have no idea how did you get there.

You don’t see anything and just discover the surrounds by sound. Sound reflections give you a short hint of how the surrounding look like and you have to navigate.

Instead of spending huge budgets for landscape and surrounding graphics development, the team just focused on one specific sound feature.

It is strange, that you put on a visual virtual reality device, but your hero is blind. So you’re trying to challenge yourself and use other senses, Haptic feedback.

VR gives a player a new feeling of the game. The players have no borders, the environment is endless. Players can forget about the real world, as the game is their new world.

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Another game you can’t miss is ‘Doctor Kvorak’s Obliteration Game’.

You act as an evil doctor and manage your own reality TV show solving the puzzles, using special powers of one of the three main characters.

The great advantage of indies – is that they have no border in their developing process. They don’t have to play safe to fit the budget and don’t have strict responsibilities in front of investors. They can experiment and try out new things. Results are measured by the question: “Does it work for a gamer or not?”

Another different game perception is in “Carpe Lucem” – from a German Application Systems Heidelberg. In the game, you have to create flowers with the rays of light. In this game, players can use VR hand controllers for extra motions.

Meanwhile, the virtual environment should be relaxing for users. HTC and Oculus Rift are working on to be user-friendly.

As we can see, the new virtual reality is coming closer to our everyday life, and in a short time, we will not be able to imaging the gaming industry without Virtual Reality Environment.


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