A SCAM alert on a Bitcoin Investor

Kind time of the day, today we will once again tell you, as thoroughly as possible we will analyze the system of scammers work. We will do this, using the example of the untrustworthy company with the name ” Bitcoin Investor ” that hasn’t yet managed to harm many people. But that’s just for now! You definitely need to be careful in those kinds of fields. If you want to protect yourself, and without fail your loved ones, perhaps even ordinary acquaintances, prepare to read this short article. Then you will definitely be sure that you will not fall for the cunning tricks of scammers! And not just that particular system, but ALL OF THEM! Because they all use very similar and simple principle.

It’s never been easier to get started!

Website amiably greets us with this phrase, but really, do not text catches the eye, and flashing on the top line. What is happening in it? Some people unknown to us, completely made-up, without any evidence that’s so easy to win amounts that range from $ 800 to $ 1000 and more. What is this, as not an excellent indicator of the scam site? All of them work on the same principle, they want to lead you to themselves, luring sweet sums of money. That’s just the problem is that this does not happen. Life is arranged so that you get exactly as much as you earn.

In general, this site went to some new degree of lies. He promises you not just sky-high money, but also sky-high wins. And you have to believe that people are really just that, from one site, they win such huge sums of money. If this were true, many more people generally knew about the existence of this site, but this is not the main thing. The main thing is that we are not provided with any evidence. Just a program that is made to scroll through the list of names taken from the Internet and the next placed a sum of money, the same random number.

Do not fall for such a provocation. The less evidence, contact winners, contacts in general, at least someone the site gives out – the more he lies! At legal, adequate sites, there are always contacts. To enable you to contact the developers, ask each question that interests you. But on the sites of scammers, nothing of the kind! They will not nurse you. These people just want to draw money out of your pocket.

Invest in Bitcoin now and you can earn $7,245 daily

Another common lie that scammers tell us. The era of bitcoin is no longer as popular as it used to be. One bitcoin does not cost so much money, but many unprepared people do not know about it. To earn a day of such amounts is very difficult, and it certainly does not do with scammers!

Join Bitcoin Investor and Start Generating Money

This phrase is even funny in a way. Scammers say that we should just register on their website, how money flows into our pocket as a river. But we are all adequate people and we know that this can not happen. And scammers think they can lure us with money. And it always happens! If the website you are about to use offers huge amounts of money everywhere. Then think ten more times about how everything is legal and where you want to give your money.

A little lower there are three simple points, after which you, as promised, must earn a lot of money. First – create an account, so far nothing seems to be serious. Second – invest money in your account. Well, everything, at this point, you can also understand what scammers want from us. Money! They directly say, put your money in a system that does not have any evidence that they will fall into good hands. And so it will be! Your money will be stolen as soon as they are on the other side of the Internet. Be careful before you put money somewhere! Make sure of the reality and legality of the organization, check everything carefully! There is another third item in this menu – exchange and enjoy your earnings. Of course, because in fact, everything is so simple and working! Do not believe in such a lie.

Forbes named bitcoin the best investment of 2013

Here you are. They use adequate information from the Internet to get your trust. And it is true that bitcoin was popular in 2013, but now its era has passed, and you cannot be guided by such graphics, which draws us an image on the site.

Plus to the information, here is the logo of the famous company Forbes, this image looks as if the site cooperates with celebrities. But in fact, no. It’s just a pathetic attempt to attract attention, do not even think about it! All this nonsense is not true, the company Forbes has no idea that their logo is placed on some fraudulent site.

Some of the successful investors

At the expense of this chapter of the site, scammers do not bother at all. Found two some images from the Internet. And on the Internet, there are many sources where people share professional photos. Hired a person, or independently wrote a commendable text. Together with this came up with two non-existent personalities. In general, the emptiness! No evidence.

As we know usually, on any site there are good and bad reviews. And at least, there are always more of them than TWO! We can not believe that scammers were so lazy that they did not even deign to write more flattering comments for their site. Moreover, somehow very few people write to you valorous reviews given that you are 24/7 distributing, donate money for nothing. Which still flicker and catch the eye in the top line.

Get started right now

The second window on this site is already asking us to register. Well, you understand that scammers in every way try to make you do it. But as you have already learned all of their principles, we sincerely hope that you will never get caught up in such tricks!

And our commendation for you!

In addition, in the end – here are some great recommendations for the beginners of trading, you definitely want to see those, if you don’t intend to waste your money on some fraud! There is a system called Signals Trades that’s not difficult and is good for the beginners! What is more important, it’s safe, and it’s actually working, unless some other sites. This is what we recommend for the users of our website. Enjoy your first trading experiences and take a real care of yourself!


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