AltCoin Trends – a Paradise for the Beginners at the Crypto Market. Is That So?

These days if you have not heard anything about cryptocurrencies and trading at the crypto market, you would live miles away from the Internet, TV or radio. Only a lazy man does not mention that it is possible to make crazy money without leaving a warm and soft couch at home.

Cryptocurrencies have captured the headlines and seduced even those who had never heard about them before. The deep of the Internet proposes so many ways to follow the trends, that it is really difficult to say “no”, especially when every advertising promises whole mountains of gold. Moreover, the world is changing so rapidly and almost everyone has to bend with the wind. Otherwise, there is no chance to stay afloat. Some people choose the easiest way and instead of learning new things and exploring the market rules, just follow big promises from advertising. Today we will have a look at such promises given by the creators of AltCoin Trends published at


Demystifying “Powerful Trading Algorithms”

At the first glance the page you are visiting makes you feel anywhere, but not on this Earth – AltCoin Trends welcomes you and promises that just in a few clicks you will have an access to “the single most powerful trading algorithm”. Let us see what they propose.


The first sentence makes you feel excited. “The app that made me $ 3,025 in 24 hours!” says the page. And still, we do not know who is this happy man…



Scrolling down the page, we find the description of the AltCoin Trends Software. First of all, of course, it is easy to use. Could it be otherwise? And even more – after installing the application you will “start collecting profits from your software”. It sounds so advantageous. Indeed, they do not say you will need to put your money to some account. It seems that this magic application will help you to wring money out of thin air.

Below it is said that you will take advantage of “the biggest most reliable financial databases in the world integrated into AltCoin Trends system, which has been built from the ground up”. Yet there are no names of the sources where these financial databases have been taken from. Moreover, if you have created a system, which is so valuable and really brings you a profit, would you share it via the Internet for free? I think the answer to this question is obvious.

The creators of the site assure that any user of their platform will benefit from “the perfect balance of education and opportunity”, but while describing how they achieve this balance the platform’s name is being changed to Bitconnect, not AltCoin Trends. A misconception or just a SCAM?.

This opinion is growing inside me, even more, when I see the screenshots of the AltCoin Trends members’ accounts. Consuela Gomez, Randy T. and Jason W. show us that their accounts are ready to be analyzed by hackers. Otherwise, I do not have any other explanation why real people would like to share their bank account details on the Internet. Or are they real?



Below we are proposed to check out the statistics of the AltCoin Trends platform. Of course, the technology has been developed by “the best crypto minds knew today”. But who knows them? There is no any single name provided, the real existence of which can be verified (even Google Search would be able to help).

Then be sure that “live crypto experts on-call 24/7” will secure your high profits. However, who pays for such high-quality services if the platform itself is free? Again so many questions and no answers.



At the bottom of the page, we find the High-Risk Investment Warning, of course, in the fine print. In addition, it is the most interesting part of the web page since it contradicts with everything mentioned before. Obviously, it says that all the trading means used on the site carry a level of risk and the one who decides to utilize the platform “may lose some or all of the invested capital”. Therefore, now it is clear that this application will require some investments and it does not work after just installing it, as it was mentioned hereinabove.

Thereupon, the disclaimer says that AltCoin Trends is not “a Financial Services firm and does not operate as a financial services firm”. If it does not provide any financial services, why at the beginning of the page has it been said about affordance of the financial databases? I am really curious what these databases look like what good they can do.

Naturally, Altcoin Trends “does not accept any liability for loss or damage as a result of reliance on the information contained within the website”, so the assurance about the reliable financial databases hereinbefore is also a lie. And, of course, last but not least, Altcoin Trends “doesn’t retain responsibility for any trading losses you might face as a result of using the data hosted on this site”. Does anyone need more proofs that the guys who have created this site are just scammers?

Following the world’s trends of cryptocurrencies, Altcoin Trends authors are really quick on the uptake, but I am sure the world would gain more if they have chosen some other field for their activities.


Our Conclusion: Finding out the Platform Proved to Be True

The world of online trading and cryptocurrencies is still growing up and we will hear a lot of news, advertising and proposals related to them. Today is the right time to start exploring this rapidly changing sphere and learning its rules. Right now it is possible to get profit from cryptocurrencies, but for that, you need trusted platforms and sites.



We propose you to have a look at Signals Trades. This site is created NOT by scammers like Altcoin Trends. It is safe and it actually responds to all intents and purposes. More importantly, it is a legal trading system, which is transparent to everyone who uses it. With Signals Trades, you will obtain the full control over your investments and will have the possibility to make the right investment decisions. Make a try of the platform and you would not like to search for any other application to get real profit at the crypto market!

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