Apple iPhone has received a patent for folding display

Apple Corporation: Prospects for the American giant company

Apple is a giant in the production of computer hardware, software, protected by a digital key , and other products. Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple was able to survive difficult times and become one of the leaders in their field.

Patent for inflexible screen

Today, Apple products can be paid for not only with ordinary money, but also with digital currency , which is very convenient in view of the fact that an increasing number of people are switching to its use.

As writes CNN, Apple has received a patent for a folding screen that can be used on the iPhone and other devices. According to analysts, new displays will appear in the Corporation’s products in late 2020 or early 2021.

Apple described technology to heat the display in the fold area to prevent attrition and breakage. This description was given in the patent for the folding screen. It was filed in early 2018.

Earlier it became known that due to numerous cases of failure of smartphones with a folding screen Samsung Fold South Korean Corporation Samsung Electronics decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of sales of this gadget, writes BBC.

In addition to Samsung, a smartphone with a bent display was previously introduced by Huawei, a prototype of such a device is also in Xiaomi.

How it should work

Apple expressed the opinion that the risk of breaking the bending screen is quite high. Especially its probability increases at low temperatures. Apple has put forward proposals for 2 options for heating the part of the display that will be bent. It is noted that this will help prevent numerous breakdowns. Unlike competitors, the company has not only developed an innovative feature for the gadget but also took care of methods to extend its life.

The company expressed the opinion that it is impossible to bend the display of the gadget an infinite number of times, it should be limited. This is especially true of cold weather. Here you can find only one solution: warm up the bending part of the display if necessary. To control this process, a temperature sensor and a motion sensor will be built-in into the device.

The patent explains 2 different ways of heating the display:

  1. By enabling the maximum possible pixel brightness at the point where the flexure is expected.
  2. By using the built-in heating element in the screen.

It will be important to measure how fast the device will heat up. It is possible that will be needed build-in the lock, which will not allow folding the gadget which is not yet ready for this, and only after heating it to the required temperature it will be possible to bend it.

The information of the patent says that the device can be bent both inside and out. The patent describes the application of a special coating developed and patented by Apple. It involves the use of pigment particles of the polymer material. The described coating can be applied to the screen in several ways:

  • by dipping;
  • by spraying;
  • using modern methods of printing.

Apple claims that applying a protective coating to the display of the device will help to avoid damage due to its numerous bends.

Activity of competitors

Due to the fact that the companies which are direct competitors of Apple have already launched a line of devices with a folding screen, the American giant company should urgently begin to develop and produce gadgets with bendable displays.

Apple’s decision to launch a line of devices equipped with flexible displays in the near future may be influenced by pressure from competitive companies that have already released products with similar characteristics and thus have taken a step forward in the field of new developments. It should be noted that the headquarters of Apple is puzzled by the Corporation’s lagging behind the modern trend, which is aimed at taking a leading position in the world market of gadgets.

Devices with folding screens have already been developed and released by Samsung, and the Chinese company Huawei has not lagged behind it. Also, a number of other companies are preparing to launch a line of such devices. Given the current situation in the competitive environment, Apple will not ignore it, as this will lead to the loss of the company’s current status as a leader in the field of high technologies, and this will lead to a decrease in sales and serious financial losses.

Recently, there has been a trend that an increasing number of buyers prefer devices manufactured by brands from China, such as Huawei. This is due to the fact that the prices for Apple device models are quite high. In this regard, the American Corporation has quietly started to lose its position in the smartphone market.

The most powerful manufacturing company is Samsung, its market share is 17.3%. The company has sold almost 71 million devices over the past period. Second place goes to Apple, whose market share is 15.8%. In third place is Huawei, with a gap of only 1% from Apple. The share of the Chinese brand in the world market is 14.8%.

Development forecast

Some analysts believe that the current year will not be easy for Apple. At the same time, small volumes of sales are projected until the release of a new product line, which is scheduled for 2020-2021.

Experts believe that only the release of devices with a bendable display in 2020 can have a positive impact on the sales of Apple products. Taking into account the fact that Apple has already received a patent for the bending screen, it can be assumed that the company will soon begin to develop and produce devices with these characteristics in order to increase the interest of buyers to its products and increase the volume of sales.

Moreover, Apple devices with a bent screen can have obvious advantages against the background of unsuccessful experience of competitors, smartphones with bent screens which were subjected to frequent breakdowns. The American giant received not only a patent for bending screen, but also developed methods to prevent its frequent breakdowns. This can serve as a tool to increase interest and confidence among buyers.

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