ATrader App – A ridiculous SCAM in cryptocurrency. 2019 Review!

ATrader is a trading system that promises to make us earn 1% per day trading with cryptocurrency. Basically, this smells like scam and in this review we will reveal why you should not trust this platform.

ATrader App Scam

The main hook of ATrader App is based on offering users a system to enrich them quickly and forever. With this system, we can invest a small amount of money that will rent us for the rest of our lives… and without doing anything!

As you can imagine, this is completely false, due to the fact that no platform offers unlimited profits for free and forever. It is true that there are software that allow you to earn money but they are neither free, nor work for you eternally.




Well, here we will leave you with this review on ATrader scam where you can see with your own eyes, the lamentable tricks that these people use to try to deceive us. It has no waste!

One of the first things we must look at if we want to choose a trust support to invest in, is the history of the platform. That is, knowing where it comes from, what it does exactly, what services it offers, among others.

How could it be otherwise, it has been very difficult to get this information about ATrader App, since we can hardly learn anything about the system from its website.

  • Little (or null) information on the website

The first thing we have to do to know all these details is to go to their official website and we have to take a first look. The truth is that we have found almost nothing; the only thing we have read on this website is that, it seems that ATrader App, has a headquarters located in London, and that’s all.

And all this gives us to think, since only we offer this information, plus a phone number that seems the least suspicious. As we know that ATrader App can’t be trusted, we did not want to check if that number really exists.

  • A big number of negative reviews

We think that there is a lack of information, so we decided to go around the Internet to see if we could get something more useful. In a lot of pages and financial portals that we have visited we have barely been able to acquire more information, so this totally smells like fraudulent system.



If ATrader App actually were a legal and safe platform, everyone would talk about it, but this is not the case. Moreover, such amount of information that we have been able to get to know about ATrader scam software does not leave this system in a very good place, it is said that it is a scam and the truth is that we are already checking it.

So our first verdict is clear: ATrader App is not a system with which we should work at all.


Who stands behind this scam?

Now that we have laid a foundation and it is cleary that ATrader is a scam, we go back to their home page because we are sure that we will be able to get more deceptions in it.

Undoubtedly, how could it be otherwise, any cryptocurrency scam worth its salt and has some magnificent inventors behind that will save our financial life or, at least they try to make us believe in magic.

  • Matthew Bradbury

First of all we have to talk about the creator of ATrader scam software, the intellectual portent that makes the richest of the place for us, so we can get grands on the daily basis without us moving a finger.

We are not referring to Matthew Bradbury who (to our amazement), is partly a man, partly something that we cannot understand at all.

Well, Matthew Bradbury is an investor and financial expert, who also spent half his life working on Wall Street, but the funny thing, is that neither in this famous area nor even at his own home nobody know this man. How is it possible?



Very simple, Matthew Bradbury is just a false profile that we have tried to strain so that we believe that behind ATrader App System scam software, there is a privileged mind, but we have caught them.

  • David McCoy and Tony Mahony ( a scammer duo)

Although Matthew Bradbury is not the only profile of these characteristics, the other two pillars of this system, David McCoy and Tony Mahony. They are not exist either. For his part, McCoy is the “brainiac” of the team, a mathematician and scientist, creator of the wonderful algorithm on which this trading system is based.

There are many opinions that we have found but, in order not to extend something that we already know, we will comment on two of them that have caught our attention.

Comment by Franz H: he tells us that he has been using this support for about 6 weeks and that in a month, approximately, he has been able to get 250 dollars of profit. The best thing is that this doctor doesn’t have to do anything, because the robot has invested for him. Do you really think we’re going to believe it?

Franziska B’s comment: this lady is a housewife, but at this scam platform they present her as “mother of two” of two what? What kind of profession is that? One more proof that all the information they tell us has been invented by a machine. What this lady has no waste, since she has achieved $1,200 dollars in a short time.

And on the other hand, Mahony is the one in charge of working in the field of operations, since he is a professional tanner in this are since he was director and senior manager in T3 Trading Inc. How do you find out about this company that is mentioned?


Wrapping up & our recommendations

In short, we have little to say about this system, the result is clear, Atrader APP is a real scam.

Do not put your money in play and get away as soon as possible from riffraff like this one.

In case you want to invest in cryptocurrencies, we encourage you to do so, but do it with a legal and secure platform that meets all the conditions.



If you are looking for a good alternative to ATrader App , we can recommend you Tools Trades signal system. This software will not make you instantly rich, but it definitely could help you on your way to success. This software works with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make predictions for you so you can stay in touch with the market and make the best bets at the right time.

We hope that this scam review will save your time and money so you can focus on your way to success without obstacles!


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