Bitcoin Bonanza review! Go back to a simpler time

In the modern world, the cryptocurrency trade became a craze. Stories circulate about people who made fortunes on trading cryptocurrency, and these stories naturally attract people who want easy or even free money. The desire to make money online is nothing new but the ever-growing price of the bitcoin and other crypto coins made the potential profits immense. However, the times when you could just buy some bitcoins and wait for them to magically increase their value by a factor of 100 are gone, and the bitcoin trade itself needs some specific knowledge, for example, of the blockchain technology. That’s why there are trading systems which make most of the work for you: they buy and store the bitcoins, they care for the security of your data and they share the profits with you. However, a typical trading system is closed and does not reveal its inner workings to the client, and that’s why this situation attracted the attention of many scammers, and among them, Bitcoin Bonanza. Yes, Bitcoin Bonanza is a scam, and we will show you why.

What does Bitcoin Bonanza claim? They claim they are an exclusive group of people who became millionaires by trading in bitcoin.

Seeing this could already alert a smart person: Richard Branson and Bill Gates did not make their fortunes by bitcoin trading; the sources of their riches are well-known in the whole world. In other words, the first that you encounter on their site is a fake.

The real names of the “millionaires” that are supposedly behind Bitcoin Bonanza are hidden. No one tells you that. If I discover a method that allows everyone to receive fabulous riches, I wouldn’t hide behind the photos of famous business moguls that have nothing to do with the bitcoin. However, a con artist has all reasons to be anonymous.

What’s next on their site? Yes, you have guessed, it’s a promise of easy income for doing nothing (or, reportedly, doing “a few clicks”, which is fairly close to nothing in our book).

Bitcoin Bonanza

Several fake people post their “testimonies” on the site, and one story is more fabulous than the other. Both tell you of $9600 they got during the first hour of using Bitcoin Bonanza. A suspiciously specific sum. Aren’t these stories just rewrites of one single ad? Also, there are no references to these people’s social networking accounts or other contacts. Why? These people do not exist, that’s why. The photos are stolen from social networks, the names do not match the real names of the people who are portrayed in the photos. The testimonies of these “traders” are totally fake.

What’s next? Oh yes, a text in small, low-contrast font that warns you that it’s “a high-risk system”.

Bonanza is a scam


This is a disclaimer for you to read when you inevitably lose your money to Bitcoin Bonanza. You were warned that you’ll lose, you didn’t read the small, low-contrast letters, and you lost. Apparently, this is enough to stop gullible people from calling out to authorities, using Bitcoin Bonanza or exposing it as a criminal scam, and entice them to try again: after all, it’s risk, like in a game of chance, and maybe you’ll make it big next time? How to become rich fast if you don’t risk? Ha, ha, ha. Good luck, sucker. A typical rigged “shell game” has more chances for you to win than Bitcoin Bonanza.

When you linger on their site for a time doing nothing, a pop-up ad shows up.

Bitcoin Bonanza review


There are only a few spots left! Apparently, Bitcoin Bonanza is a very exclusive club with limited membership. If it is so, why do they advertise themselves and entice you to join? It tells you to hurry up. This is meant to prevent you from thinking clearly and invest your money in Bitcoin Bonanza ASAP. If you linger to think about it, you’ll realize that this get-rich-quick scheme is as fake as it gets, so they need you to hurry, believe their promises and give them your money.

There is also absolutely no guarantee that any kind of cryptocurrency is actually bought on your behalf by Bitcoin Bonanza. It provides no control for you over your supposed “investments”. The system is not transparent, which is also one of the glaring identifying markers of scam.

Finally, Bitcoin Bonanza isn’t unique. It isn’t even of a rare kind. It’s a run of the mill, common scam site that is very similar to dozens of others like Crypto Advantage, Crypto Wealth, Bitcoin Wealth. Such sites pop up like mushrooms as the bitcoin craze rages and more legitimate traders get rich through bitcoin and enjoy their financial freedom. For each smart trader that uses legitimate strategies and techniques, there are hundreds of gullible people who get enticed by scam sites like this one and the ones we mentioned and lose their money. We repeat: Bitcoin Bonanza is a scam, and scam sites never give you any money.

What’s the real scheme behind Bitcoin Bonanza? Most likely, there’s actually a trader in bitcoins running this site, but they use your money to finance their own operations and collect all the profits. Or maybe there isn’t actually any bitcoin trading involved at all, and your “investments” are directly used to buy Martini and expensive cars for the owner of the site. Remember: forewarned is forearmed and stay away from scam sites!

However, if all this is a scam, how do people actually get rich off Bitcoin? Well, there’s always the direct method that involves studying the blockchain technology and buying Bitcoin without all those pesky intermediaries. You have your bitcoins on your hard drive and you decide when to buy and when to sell. This method is not for the average man, and the best time for getting rich quick with this method is already past. There’s an alternative: utilizing a legitimate trading system. We have already shown you the most blatant traits of scam sites, so you’ll probably be able to detect them now. If not, we can recommend Tools Trades, it’s a legitimate trading system that is transparent to its users; using their software, you maintain full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions.

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