Ayrex Broker Review: 5 minutes of your time is a lot of money in this case

Today we are going to say some words about Ayrex broker since there are some complaints from the users. We decided to check if this one is real and reliable one. At first, we will start with some positive moments.

Positive Comments

To start with, Ayrex, unlike some other scammers, does have the contact information, support service and even the flag of the United Kingdom, for us to know what is the country origin. Here you can start your journey in binary options, as there is a page with educative materials, a glossary and frequently asked questions with answers to them. And there is also a page “partners”, some diagrams and the methods of money withdrawal. But, not everything is so good.

There is a page with hot offers and deals, but who knows if they work, since the negative sides are the worse. Below you may find the reasons of why we don’t recommend this broker.

Negative Comments and Sides

The systems claim to be the best in binary options trading, but not everything is so smooth. The main point here – is getting money and not boasting. You may invest (the minimum sum is not available since the system doesn’t even notice it), but then you can’t withdraw the profit, along with your money. What is the reason for that? Ayrex just frizzes and blocks clients’ accounts for them. There is some info about the prizes and something like that, but is it ok – not to allow the clients to withdraw their money?



There is also a demo-account and the system says, they will give you thousands of dollars, for you to prove and try all the advantages of the broker. They say they give you your personal manager to help you with the problems. But they are never available when it comes to the real problems.

The next negative moment we can talk about is the huge commission. Here it is so huge – seventy-five per cent, so Ayrex get these 75%. And people say, and we proved it personally, that the support staff is nice to you, when it comes to the investment and dealing with your money. And if you want to ask for your money or ask about the problem occurred, you will be probably blocked and left with no explanation.

You can also find some commentaries of so-called users on the page. They say that the system is so good and it is the best one. But where are the real facts and truth? No pictures, no links, just hot air. There is also a story of a person with the explanation in chronology about the activities on the website, but again – the same situation here, just like with the commentaries from people, who might not even exist!


Talking about the reliable sources of your income, one should pay attention to the license of the system. This is seen as the good reason for credibility. But in this case, the Ayrex is not regulated and not licensed. So, it seems to me, it is hard to believe someone who is illegal and just talking too much about the greatness of its system, please, be very attentive, and do not believe everything they say.



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