Learn here what you need to know about binary options brokers 2019

When it comes to doing business through the Stock Exchange, the intervention of a broker, just like Will Smith in the movie “In search of happiness” may come to mind. Today, finding these intermediaries has become much simpler than throughout what we have had since we now have the responsibility of the brokers in the network. Are you interested in knowing how? Well, here we tell you about that and much more in our best binary options brokers in 2019 review. Have you ever thought about investing in the stock market? If you do not know, here we explain it to you.

A broker is a person who is in charge of carrying out a purchase-sale transaction through the Stock Exchange, in such a way that it is the only one authorized to carry out shares on the Exchange. This means that if you want to make an investment, you must to collaborate with one of these experts, so that you take care of the necessary procedures. The broker is an important figure in the world of finance, though he doesn’t make the rules. In fact, in order to learn about this profession, you must have a basic level of understanding, either through the completion of a monographic course or pursuing a master’s degree or a postgraduate.

From the broker’s side, to be hired as a broker in a company, you need a higher degree, in addition to an optimal experience. Now, it is important to note that a binary options broker is not the same as a regular broker.

In general, we can say that a stockbroker is more involved in business and the financial market, while the broker is more of an intermediary between a client and the Stock Exchange, where all the responsibility of the transaction and the principles of the transaction since it is the only authorized entity for this.

Which options are the least risky at a general level?

Regarding to the financial market, we find that the most modern and demanded investment system today is the binary options. As an investor, this method allows you to receive a greater amount of benefits and extraordinary attention from brokers.

To make purchase-sale transactions through binary options, the purchase of an underlying stock or asset of a company is not required, since it is possible to obtain a contract in which you assume the commitment to pay the product at the agreed price, with the possibility of effecting the corresponding cancellation.

Why do we need brokers?

Now that you know what the brokers are, clarify what their attributions or functions are, and what they are for. As previously mentioned, the main function of a broker is to operate as a mediator in the transactions of securities and shares traded on the Stock Exchange. This person has a special license to perform such tasks in the market.


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All the people who want to make an investment in the stock market, the obligation to carry out purchase operations in the market. Another important point that should be known, is that these specialists can not only be used in the Stock Exchange through the purchase of shares, but also must attend the management of other financial products, raw materials, among other operations, and their advice and information about the market so you can make successful investments.

Of course, these experts do not work under the ad-honorem form, because, they charge commissions for all their services that respond to the following:

  • Commission of purchase and sale of shares.
  • Commission for the safeguarding of the shares in the portfolio.
  • Commission for collection of dividends.

Either way, however, you can take into account the amount of possible risks.

Our top 5 best binary options list


  • Free demo account without deposit
  • Minimum deposit of € 10
  • Broker regulated by the CRRMF and CEI


  • Includes Forex and CDF operations
  • Minimum deposit of $ 100
  • Broker regulated by CySEC 199/13


  • Forex broker, CFDs and options
  • Minimum deposit of only € 1 $
  • Regulated by CySEC license 266/15
  • Accept Paypal for deposits and withdrawals


  • Forex broker, CFDs and options
  • Resources and free training
  • Regulated by CySEC and safe
  • More than 2000 assets available


  • Accepts US customers
  • Withdrawals of money in only 6 hours
  • Accept Bitcoin for deposits and withdrawals
  • New for racing lovers

How to choose the best broker in the network?

Nowadays, there are so many offers from brokers on the net that choosing between one and the other can be a huge headache, especially if it is the first time you plan to invest in the stock market and you do not have the slightest experience. That is why we have compiled a list of factors that we believe are indispensable when evaluating whether or not a broker is the most suitable for trading, and that, without a doubt, can help you make a good choice.

Reliability of the broker in the network

An extremely important factor during deciding which broke to hire is reliability. Before picking your broker online, make sure he is regulated by a competent party and that you can deposit and withdraw your funds without any inconvenience. In this way, you will know if it is a reliable company that will guarantee the security of your funds.

Low access requirements

When hiring an online broker, the best is to choose one that requires a minimum initial deposit that is sufficiently accessible and that allows you to start without the need for large sums of money. In the same way, you should look for the one that allows you to operate through small transactions, to control the risk of your operations, especially at the beginning.

Free demo account offer and Conclusion

We have already talked about the famous demo accounts and how excellent they are for new investors who want to mitigate risks while making investments in the stock market. As a good broker, you should have this option among your offers, so that you can test your platform and evaluate its conditions without compromising your money right off the bat. Well, now that you know the best brokers in the network and that you have our advice to make the best choice; we hope you will be interested in investing in the Stock Market, hiring an excellent company that guarantees safe success in each and every one of your operations.

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