is a complete SCAM and we are going to tell you why!

Among a great number of sites that are trying to catch your attention by offering easiest ways to make money online, the biggest part still belongs to cryptocurrency trading sites. They are always promising a trustworthy and completely FREE binary robot that is going to take you to a luxurious life in a few days. While reading this text you may ask yourself – how can people be so trustful and believe that it is possible? But when their well-planned video comes to your attention, you will be amazed by its ability to make you think of why you never tried trade software before.

Returning to, it will be interesting to see how this company is trying to make their auditory think that their binary options robot will make you rich. Sounds pretty familiar right? You might have heard something like that from lots of other different online trading companies. It’s totally up to you what to believe in, but, first, ask yourself a quick question: if almost every company, that is offering this software, promises you that its robot makes only correct deals and this is a winning system, why they are selling it for free and why they are selling it at all? Why don’t they use it for themselves to make all this crazy money they are talking about? The answer is simple – is a total SCAM! Let’s have a little bit closer look at what it has to offer to people that are willing to get free money but instead are just losing them.


In their video, uses a pretty popular scheme of getting your interest in investing money by bringing an example of somebody who was poor and tried lots of different binary options robots but they all were scams and now he is telling you how to become rich fast. They are trying to make a connection between you and that guy to make you feel like you can become successful with this program too. The video indicates that the company is not a scam for several times which also sounds pretty suspicious. If somebody tells you that he is not a liar, would you trust him more?
As always, the video states that the company has invested so much money into it so that now they can prove that their binary options robot works perfectly and that’s why they are selling it for free. That doesn’t really sound logical. They state that the robot is available for free for several days and after that if you are satisfied with it, they will charge you for 15% of your earnings. So, imagine, that the robot was so lucky that it made some really successful forecasts on the shift of financial market, that it has earned your trust. What is going to happen next is you are going to invest your personal money into that trading system and lose it all. Just because there is no robot or program that can predict what the next movement of the financial market is going to be. The market itself is based on human’s decisions on how to invest their money better. So, it’s a living thing. The robot, as it is stated in the video, will base its predictions on statistics and facts that are available to it.
By the way, what is also a nice thing to keep in mind is that the software itself can be free but you will always be asked to put the first deposit into this system. Sometimes it can be more than 250$ to start working on these Forex-like platforms. That means that you start risking your money since the very beginning, even before you have tested this trading bot. You will be very lucky if the program allows you to start with the binary options demo account. Some programs don’t have it at all or you won’t be able to access it with their software.
As you may see all these companies that offer you their binary options robot just hide some very important facts about it. You can’t call them liars for this because hiding the truth is not really a lie but it lowers the level of trust to this company. They want you to hear that there is an easy way to solve all your financial problems but instead you will only make it worth. Some people become addictive to risk. So, they put more and more of their money into the program and it really reminds trying not to draw in a swamp when you waste more trying to get back everything that you have already lost. If you know that you are not really good at being patient and calm, don’t know when enough is enough, then things like gambling or trading on a financial market are certainly not for you. Losing control of your emotions is the first step to lose all your budget.
This binary options scam company is also trying to concentrate your attention on some really big amounts of money that are claimed in their video. They are saying it’s totally up to you how much money to invest but they also say that the more financials you put into their platform, the more your profit will be. While claims that they won’t charge you for anything, they never really promise you wealth. Of course, there is always 1% of lucky ones that can make money on online trading but the majority of people have no idea of how exactly the financial market works. Even well-qualified specialists and economists make mistakes and lose their money. Are you sure that you want to trust a robot to put your hard-earned money into something even really smart people can’t guess?


With all these luxuries that they are making you think about while you are putting money into their software, you are given a wrong sense of safety. You will understand it when in the end you will get yourself thinking that with all the money that you’ve spent on this scam you could have already bought yourself some of these luxurious goods.
In conclusion, we just prove to you that is a SCAM and doesn’t deserve your trust. You can only imagine how many people have already lost their money with this trading bot. The only people that are getting richer are the ones that are behind it. You can be sure that they got every dollar that you’ve spent on their platform and got all those luxurious things they were talking about in their video propaganda. So, you better check twice before you sign up for things that are promising to make you a millionaire in a moment. The only System that we would recommend is “Tools Trades”. You can always check it out by yourself.


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