Make money or avoid a scam, read now about ROBO-X and its main need to know facts

Binary Robo X is a website, that claims to make an easy trade for the beginners. This promise to make money online using Binary Robo X is a scam. is a web portal for traders to access a trade system called BinBot Pro. And it claims that you can make money online, $450 in an hour. Sounds great, so why is it a scam?

Overview of Binary Robo X website

Binary Robo X is not a software. It is just a webpage, leading to the BinBotPro scam website. The scamming was found out and confirmed in another article.

There is no information on the “Contact” page and by using privacy service they hide their identity. Therefore, making it impossible to find out who is behind this site.


When you fill the boxes in, you can write name consisting of 1 character and fake emails like “[email protected]” and the system will accept it, say that your message was sent. If you put in the real email, there is no confirmation of the message coming to your email. This is a simple demo page without a real server connection. Anyone can make the same page in a couple of minutes.

In the “Terms of service” page, they mention themselves that investing money with them is a high risk and there is a high possibility to lose all your money which may lead to bankruptcy. If they don’t trust in their own company, how can we trust them? And the text itself looks like it was copy pasted from another website. The reason of that is because Binary Robo X is a scam.


The above pages in the bottom have a phrase “Copyright © 2016 | All Rights Reserved”. Some other pages state “copyright 2017”, which means that they are using old pages without updating information and monitoring content. It surely looks like the website was built for scamming money purpose only.

Overview of Registration Form

They ask to fill your skype, phone number and email in, stating that “We are limited and selective choice for who will be partnered with us. They try to make you feel special by joining them, but in reality, they want to gather your personal details, and even though they promise to secure your private data, the page with the form is not secured at all. Do you feel confident to enter your personal details in this kind of website?

Also, during the registration, you are asked to tick that you agree to Terms and Conditions. If the link to the page doesn’t work, you have to scroll down the page and open “Terms and conditions” page by yourself. There you have to agree that they have no responses that any computer, software or file damage can happen after you register and sign in with them. There is no real name of the company in the document and it States that the company has no warranty regarding the content of the web page. So, they confess that content information on their website is fake, therefore you will be paying for nothing and you will not be able to return your money. They state that money can be returned with 24 h prior notice by email, phone or fax, but there is no contact information at all, so how do they want to receive this notice. They do not want it, as they are not planning to return your money in any way.

The same issue with not working link is with the “privacy policy”, agreement on which should be ticked during registration but the user has to open the page from the header that is called «privacy» or scroll down the home page to open it and read the policy. It is not convenient for user, gives the feeling that the website is not properly constructed, and is fake.

Fake Main “Home” Page

The first “Home” page tells that Binary Robo X is an autotrading software. Scroll down the page a bit and look at the content of trading indicators, out of 6 indicators, 2 are the same. It has repeating information, which was obviously copy pasted. Moreover, what happened with empty space? Then there is a page called “Indicators”. The information there is corrected, as there are no errors. However, how can you trust the information on this page after looking at the main page?


Going back to the main page, keep reading until you notice 3 easy steps information on how to start trading. Shockingly in the first step, Binary Robo X website tells that they will help you create an account with a random broker. Opposed to random brokers, the best trading robot should give a list of trusted licensed brokers instead. Then in step 3, it tells you to start auto-trade, while in disclaimer they mention robot will keep investing your money in auto-trade mode until the balance will become 0. They explain that if you want to save your balance, you should switch off auto-trade mode, but the whole idea of Binary Robo X is about an automated robot who will invest your money, so what is the point of turning it off? Therefore, it is a scam, as the information and functions of the system contradict each other.

More lies in the video

The video on the website explains that people will make $500 of easy income in a couple of minutes if this software is used. We are then shown the interface of the software with the logo of a scam robot called BinBotPro.

Call it sleazy or lazy marketing. But they used the same video that was used on the BinBotPro scam website because they didn’t want to create their own video. As there is no real product they can show in the video.

Do you know why certain sections of the above account statement have been blacked out or concealed?

Obviously, it’s because what they are showing is a fabricated account statement. It was lifted off the Internet and edited appropriately.


So, let us summarize all the facts why Binary Robo X is a scam.

  • No information about the owner and the company.
  • No contact information.
  • Demo website with useless links and forms.
  • No consistency in the content and page design.
  • Fake video with a fake account statement and fake software.
  • Statements that company is not responsible for any damage to your computer, software or document.
  • Statements that company has no warranty about the information on the web page.
  • Possible bankruptcy using auto-trade mode.

Overall it means that whoever created Binary Robo X website is not paying close attention to details. They are scamming and will not help you succeed as a trader. Such people must never be trusted at all.

If you are looking for a company to trade your money or cryptocurrencies, do not trust BINARY ROBO X.

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What is more important, it is safe and it is actually working, for time being its our top recommendation.
Be Aware and good profits.

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  • callumskei80atgmaildotcom

    This is another binary options scam company. I have lost over 200,000 to binary options brokers and was only able to get my funds back with the help of a recovery specialist. Happy to share my thoughts and experience.
    Reach out to me

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