Binary Robot 365 is an outright scam, but see how can you profit anyway from this information

Today we are going to talk about software dealing with money and finances of clients. We decided to check Binary Robot 365 because on the web we read lots of contradictory information about the site. Our aim is to tell the truth. So, from the very beginning, it should be said that this software is a total scam, and in this article, you will find the reasons for our conclusion.

First Impression of the Site

The first thing you notice when you log in the site – the abundance of the pervasive and manipulative methods. It is like, you even didn’t spend a minute on the site and they already say you to open a demo account, in the new window. The other thing is a chat form with a so-called operator (which is a bot, by the way).

The web is poor, indeed. And the opening windows are so annoying. The next thing is the reviews and comments from the clients. By the way, there is a rate of top 5 people who gained money with this system. Those people are fake ones. And the web was created in 2016, so, since then their top 5 person didn’t changes at all – the same faces and the same sums.

Important information, that photos of some real people were taken. But it is interesting enough, that these very images were found at the other websites of scammers. They just made up a name and story of a person and poor people will blindly believe. But we won’t let you believe this nonsense.

Detailed Reasons

They claim to give you a 90% win situation and good rate. They have the automatic trading, the robot will deliver you the trades and you are able to trade. It is like, you can choose yourself the strategy and then “enjoy the results”. That is a fair lie.

The system says the account is free and simple to use even for the beginners in the sphere. But still, we investigated this claim. Be ready to pay at least 250 US dollars for their service, once you press the confirmation button with your bank card information. So, before you register at one of such sites, you should read the info from other users and their own experience.

By the registration form, you also may notice the guarantee sticker. That is a total scam since there is not an award and the prize, they are talking about.

This website also has a frequently asked question page with some info from the company. But these questions are so stupid and contain general blurred information as if it was taken from the Wikipedia. The question of the type” can I use my phone to log in your site?” is the answer to all questions. This company is a scam, creating the FAQ itself.


The first thing while examining the websites of these types, we should take the regulation into account. We couldn’t find anything but an e-mail from a support service of the company. Not a single name is noticed or stated. The credibility falls, as we can see that the website and software itself is not regulated. You should not believe anyone who doesn’t have a license, because, probably that system is scam system, just like this one. We don’t recommend Binary Robot 365 at any circumstances!

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