BinaryDas: Whether Is It Worth Trusting?

The BinaryDAS company one of the first began to offer trade in binary options by means of the advanced, reliable and convenient platform in use where the exact prices are provided by Reuters. Most traders are clued about the online trading from brokers’ advertising campaigns or from their partners. But how can you be sure that you’re trading with the right broker, and how fair enough he could be?

What Does It Offer?

For beginners, the broker offers a demo accounts with a conditional deposit of 10 thousand dollars. Here it is possible not only to try to trade but also to experience trade strategy. Among proposals of the broker about 100 assets provided by currency pairs, securities of world corporations, the stock exchange indexes and primary goods (oil, gold, silver, etc.). The Binary company offers a very flexible policy of payments, thus, the trader as a result of the transaction can increase the profit by 10%-100%. The size of profit depends on the chosen financial instruments and the type of the transaction. The refund, in case of unprofitability of the transaction at Binary isn’t provided, however, it quite fairly, considering high payments for profit and ample opportunities for management of the transaction.


Though this company offers great conditions, there are some suspicious facts. The leading online resource for the things binary options has warned its readers about BinaryDas. It had indisputable facts, that the company is deceiving people, by not allowing them to withdraw their money. F.E. one trade invested money and he was interacting with this company for a year and made a large profit. But when he decided to take all his profit, he only got the deposited sum and found out that his account was deleted.


Unfortunately, there is some information that spoils the reputation of the company. First one is the fact that this broker didn’t specify under whose legislation is very suspicious he works. On the website, licenses were also not specified that demonstrates that this company works unofficially. This means that BinaryDas is able to deceive its clients and get their profit.

Fly In The Ointment

The fixed lie of staff of the BinaryDas company aggravates reputation even more. They assure clients of safety and safety of their means, persuade to recharge for even large sums and even give obviously false advice when and what option to buy. As a result, when all truth comes to light, nothing remains to traders how to leave furious comments about the broker. And when investors try to clear a situation why a conclusion is late or the account is blocked, nothing is impossible to them as the staff of BinaryDas simply doesn’t answer. And if answer, then do it rudely.


To sum up, BinaryDas company offer its clients good conditions, but there is no guarantee that your money will be saved and returned to you. So make your choice and be careful.

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