Bitcoin Revolution review – the revolution is not what it looks like

We should start the review of this project from the appearance of their website. It is a simple page with very bright colors, that are used to attract the user’s attention – it is the first sign of a scammers’ website.
You should also look at the warning at the top of the first page. It says, that registration will be quit in some time, but if we wait nothing will happen. Such a trick is used by scammers and it is aimed at inattentive users, who would not think about it much time and register faster.
The website offers registration from the very first page, without describing what this program is and how it works. It means that scammers want you to register as fast as you can without thinking.
After the register part, on the same page goes a number of names of cryptocurrency brokers. They say, that they really work with these brokers, but there are no proofs for their words. And if we check these companies, they won’t say anything about Bitcoin Revolution. It is another fact, that proves, that this website belongs to scammers.

After that goes the short description of the project. They say, that the Bitcoin Revolution is a group exclusively for people who want to increase their wealth with the help bitcoin. Members of the Bitcoin Revolution use monthly trips around the world, still earning money on their laptop, working just an hour every day. It sounds beautiful, but it is lying. No one can give you millions without doing anything, and this text is just a very simple advertising for people, who do not do not understand anything about the topic of cryptocurrencies and finance scammers.

Then on their website go reviews of different people:

We can’t check if these people are real and if they really earned money on Bitcoin Revolution. Showing a fake positive review about huge cash is a popular method of scammers, they want users to believe, that it is possible to earn money through their project. We can say 100 per cent, that these reviews are fake.

On the same first page of Bitcoin Revolution website goes the description of some innovational “technologies”. The aim of these bright descriptions is to make their user believe, that their project really works and lets you earn money. But in reality these texts are nothing more, than a simple legend. It is also a popular feature of scammers, which also is used to get you rid of hard-earned your money.

Next part of their website is a list of people, who makes deals this minute:

It is also a popular trick of scammers. All these names, their deals, profit and other results are fake. Every 10 seconds new name appears, but it doesn’t mean anything. Such a fake list is another proof, that Bitcoin Revolution is a scam website.

After the names list of fake users goes 3 simple steps on how to start work with them. They are:

  • Register
  • Make deposit
  • Earn profit

Such a plan can be found on many scam projects and it doesn’t have any other purpose than to convince user, that he would get an easy and simple profit in short time. Nothing more, than scam feature.
At the end of the first page, there are answers to the questions. These answers also remind of scam project because they promise you huge profit in short terms, and it says everything to convince users, that their project really works.
At the conclusion, looking at their website, we can say, that it is 100% scam project. There are many features of scam project and tricks, that scammers use on their website.

Reasons to consider the Bitcoin Revolution a scam

Scam projects, like Bitcoin Revolution work in a simple scheme:

  1. You register at their website, giving them your email address. After that, this address is sent to a base of such addresses and from now on you will get a huge amount of spam to your email.
  2. After the registration, they ask you to make a deposit. And they want you to make an as big deposit as possible. Buttons like “Deposit now” are everywhere and the only thing scammers want from you is your money.
  3. If you make a deposit, your money goes to scammers and the website doesn’t offer any more services. Now you are worked out and thrown away.

The project doesn’t have any licenses and if you lose your money, you won’t be able to get them back anyway. Company Bitcoin Revolution has not registered anywhere, which means that it doesn’t exist.

When you make a deposit, you sent your money to a bank account of an individual. It means, that you can’t get your money back even through judgement.
If a broker says, that it is honest, it must prove users, that it really works in their profit. On Bitcoin Revolution, we can’t find a program source code or any other proof of their real work. All their reviews are fake.

The company gives no guarantee, that users get profit, but it very much asks them to make a deposit.
On their website there are no contacts or addresses of their company, it is another proof, that they are scammers.
Bitcoin Revolution is a scam for the following reasons:

  • Their website made in very bright colours to attract attention;
  • It is a one-paged advertising website;
  • There are reviews of fake people, who “earned a lot of money”;
  • Warnings at the top, which make you register as fast, as possible;
  • There are a lot of promises about huge profits especially in FAQs;
  • The company has no proved licenses;
  • On the website, there are no contacts or addresses of the broker.

Advice on how to avoid scammers

At the conclusion we want to say, that real and honest cryptocurrency brokers exist and you can really get profit there, but only if have experience and skills in trading. Scam brokers, like the Bitcoin Revolution, give even no chance to earn money, they only take your earnings.

Always think, when choosing brokers and always make sure, that your broker is legal and has a permission to perform trading business.
As a real honest financial project, we can recommend Signals Trades is not a scam site like Bitcoin Revolution, it’s a legitimate trading system that is transparent to its users and it really gives you chance to raise money. Using the recommended Signals Trade you maintain full control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions.

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  • Arnold Spriggs

    This has been shown to be a scam. Why is it still being advertised?

  • Trevor Mdletshe

    Thank you very much for your enlightenment I almost deposited my money I just felt like doing a small research beforeinvesting any amount into it now that I have read this I’m not going back to that page.

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