Bitcoin Revolution Scam — the revolution is not here yet

Just like everywhere in the world, there are people who want to make money on you and feather their own nest. By using the unknowledgeable society it is possible to achieve such goal. And scam in the cryptocurrency field is not new at all – there are dozens of scammers. And today we are going to give you some proofs about one system – Bitcoin Revolution. This scammer claims that if you join them right now, you get a thousand of dollars right away. Well, some poor people maybe believe them, but we checked the system and know for sure – it is a total scam. So, now we are going to tell about our first impression of the website, regulation and the details of the Bitcoin Revolution.

First impression and thoughts about the system

First of all, when you visit the page, you see the video and the registration form. The video has some extracts from famous people talking general information about bitcoin and what it is. In the video, the paid speaker tells the story of his life and is very thankful for the system. The great number are imposed, which proofs that everything of it is just a scam. The speaker also tells about some operation he performs, to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Bitcoin Revolution. But it looks ridicules, because this is not proven with any screenshots or video record.

The system is a bad one, as it is a copied version of the Bitcoin Challenge. The site is automated, you can see how many people are watching the page and who is making money and the sum are also visible. It is a usual trick of scammers, for people to believe, they are successful.

On the web, you can also see the team dealing with the Bitcoin Revolution. But if you were to put one of those photos in the Google images, you would get several results with the person on the picture, every time having different names and different fields of activities. Next is the review page, also with false pictures, names and reviews themselves.

Getting into Details of the System: Proofs of scamming activity

They say that the program will notify the users with a significant trend in the Crypto Market. The program will tell you how to trade, when and what steps you should do. They also say that they will give every user an e-book with some info for you to get started, this book is for free (they also say it is limited, which is not). Bitcoin Revolution will take 5% of your profit every thirty days if it is lower than 30 000 US dollars.

But in the first place, you should know, that this system is just a copy of another one. The video is taken from that system, the information and the site design remained unchanged. The only thing that is changed is the logo of the company. This is obviously a scam, and this is vivid. The original system failed, well, because it was also a scam one. There were lots of people on the Internet to complain about the Bitcoin Challenge because they lost great sums of money. And this time, the same people decided to use an easy method – just to copy the previous site and change a name of it. But these changes, won’t help.

So, the first and the only question for all those people who believe everything these scammers say – do you really believe that some people like that would give some money for free and take no commission at all? This doesn’t sound realistic.

If you are attentive to the details, at the bottom of the page you can see the notes explaining some legal aspects. The first thing everyone should pay attention to is the regulation of such systems. This one is originally from the United States, but it is not regulated by any financial company and so, is not licensed, consequently, is just illegal.

Another proof is pictured on the screenshot below:

“What is unusual?” – you would ask. At the Bitcoin challenge site, there was the same photo of people sitting at the conference. The only difference is that the slides differ. At the original site there was a chart and a diagram on the slide, and here we see the logo of the company and the e-book with disk they are talking about. This is a scamming system, using every single method to get people involved and attracted by such manipulations.

So, as you can see, there are lots of small details you should pay your attention on. The tricks and manipulations of the scamming systems are usually the same, this involves the fake reviews and team description, hot air and information without any informative content, pictures and chats are usually taken from stock websites, available for every user of the Web.

Reviews – one of the methods to attract the clients

The powerful tool affecting the human brain – is an example and the vivid one. So, this is a trick frequently used by scammers. But let have a closer look at the profiles of these client people and see if they exist. As far as you already understood, they don’t exist. The pictures are taken from the stock photos, available for every user of the web. Usually, these images are used in different scamming sites, like this one. If you were to search “reviews of the Bitcoin Revolution”, you would have dozens of pages with angry and furious people, because every one of them has been cheated and lost lots of money. Why is that? The positive comments are placed only on the website; they are constant and never change. You just look at them and you see for sure that these are false.

The overall conclusion and our recommendations

We strongly don’t recommend dealing with the Bitcoin Revolution; because this is system is a scam. Please, don’t waste your time and money on things like that. You will lose your money and become one of those poor cheated people left with nothing but anger. But we have a solution for you. The new system of Trade Signals is innovative, effective and legal. The legal issue is really important since it is a guarantee for a transparent process and the reliability of the company itself. By investing in this system, you have the control over everything and you will be able to make investment decisions, and that’s the main point. No cheating and no scamming. Everything is clear and simple.

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