Since the web is filled with different offers on pretty much everything, and as opportunity seekers ourselves we decided to start testing different offers for the purpose on our own close circle, over a short period of time our social media started to be filled with requests to test more and more offers before people go and join them, unfortunately we also found that the amount of down right scams are growing as well, they use the good reputation of real expert advisors to rob people of their hard earned savings.

    Since we always were interested in current financial news and dabbed in some editorial editing we decided to rise up for the challenge and start reporting the truth to the people.

    We dedicated this portal for current and relevant news for the financial enthusiasts and most importantly real true and tested reviews about the offers we all want to take a part of.

    We are a growing community of same minded financial advisors that hopefully with time approach most if no all financial offers out there and test them, hoping to stumble on a few good ones and make profit ourselves.

    We aim to review different financial offers based from the forex market, binary options and also the all new and rising crypto currency world.

    Along side of trading systems that offer full on auto trading down to signal advisors of all kinds and even down to the trading platform brokers for those who are interested to learn how to trade and be in full control themselves.

    BItFxDaily was built by traders like you FOR traders like you.

    Check out our constantly updating News portal, our true and tested scam reviews and of course our tested and proven brokers and trading systems to make the best decision.

    We also relay on you to help us find new scams and publish the truth so if you have any notes or suggestions we would love to hear it.

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