BItopia review: not all promises created equal, does bitopia keep their promise?

Nowadays, any modern methods of increasing your capital are used, especially if you do not need to leave your home, but rather simply use the Internet. Surely everyone wants to have a passive income. But for such a method of earning it is necessary to have knowledge in the field of investment or to competently use the help of special services, assistants who tell or decide for you what, where, how much and how to invest.

Now, it is important to use the system of virtual earnings on cryptocurrency. The use of digital currency has its advantages, for example:

  • changes in the cryptocurrency market can highly increase your capital;
  • convenient use of currency, it is possible to make calculations;
  • for the formation of a portfolio you don’t make much effort because all actions are performed on the Internet;
  • safe storage of money.

Although not everyone has mastered the world of digital calculations, bitcoin trading is quickly developing. Accordingly, the demand for broker services is also growing, and at the same time, the number of sites with almost graduate help is increasing. As a rule, most of these virtual assistants simply pursue fraudulent goals. The portal describes promising prospects that are in fact not backed up by anything.

For newbies who are easy goals to pulling their legs, it is important to stay away from these types of sites. To do this, you need to view, read reviews of visited sites, including Bitopia, which will be discussed.

The main question: believe or not?

We offer to get acquainted with the review of the site Bitopia.

As soon as a user visits the online consultant page, the system offers to register for free on the portal by entering the first name, last name, phone number, email address and made-up password. Thus, you allegedly open an electronic account with a broker who chooses a company for you.

Bitopia is presented as a robot-assistant who makes a profitable investment package based on your wishes. So, we need to find out if Bitopia is legit.

How honestly does the company describe its capabilities?

To do this, we will try to follow the proposed instructions and see what happens:

  • firstly, for the official portal, this site is very short. The menu with three positions (open an account, the main page and FAQ) no longer inspires confidence;

  • secondly, after the mandatory data entry for registration, a window comes up with a notification that something allegedly went wrong.
  • thirdly, after all the sweet promises to make money on cryptocurrency trading, the company warns that it does not bear any responsibility for the money spent by depositors who may not return at all.

Sounds suspicious, isn’t it? Because that means that they can use your funds for profit, but for the possible loss of all assets they do not want to bear responsibility. An interesting policy of the existence of a brokerage firm. Already one such fact is enough to talk about Bitopia scam.

Attractive amounts

Do not be fooled by the main trick used by developers – these are vivid indicators of the benefits of investments. The fraudulent combination is hidden under the loud headline “Invest in the Future.” Then the user is prompted to put the sliders in the desired position for you on the initial, monthly deposit and select the level of risk. As a result, the system gives the number of funds in dollars, which will become yours for a certain period of time.

Bitopia is compared with the traditional way of investing. But it is just a way to attract clients. This comparison is made with the goal that it is possible to calculate the difference and to verify the real benefit from investing in bitopia. But I hasten to disappoint you, that you will not get what the company promises. Any option will bring you maximum losses because you will not make a profit and even more will not be able to return your investments.

Whenever possible to find out more about the company, the site indicates that the visitor needs to open an account first. Only after that, the depositor will open the necessary information.

Alarming is the fact that company policy is not transparent. There is no data on how many contributors are now.

Elaborate questionnaire

At the end of the site, there is a list of frequently asked questions. The list is quite large, so reading the answers took a lot of time. The questions themselves are of a general nature, that is, they are composed on the basis of what I would have thought when visiting the page. We have not found a single question on the specific situation of the user.

A well-designed questionnaire can weed out doubts from a potential investor and incline him to the “dark side”. Before you make any financial transactions, you need to verify the legality, the authenticity of the official site.

Our advice to the reader

We strongly recommend bypassing sites with fraudulent bias. If there is even a minute hint that the terms of use, company policies or fabulous promises, they say that all this is just saying “fake”, do not waste your time. In order to avoid unpleasant situations associated with fraudulent transactions, it is better to read a review on the company that you liked. Then you will get much more useful information than you will try to figure out.

From the description of Bitopia 2018, we can conclude that the existence of this portal does not help those who are looking for an assistant on a profitable investment. This is a pure scam and you should not rely on the empty promises of a fraudulent site.

Fraudsters improve their methods of earning and come up with new combinations, which can be caught by any applicant. Be as careful as possible in choosing companies that are responsible for your money and profit.

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