Blockchain 2 Bank Review: Is It A Scam?

Today it is impossible to deny the fact that Internet technologies are changing our lives. The speed of these changes at some point may be frightening, but these changes make our life easier. It is hard to imagine our modern way of life without social networks, e-mails, e-trading, and a bunch of other products provided by the global network.
Cryptocurrencies have been becoming next cutting-edge product that should dramatically change the whole world of trading. What are the reasons for that? Here only a few of causes of that success:
• The absence of internal or external administration that regulates a flow of cryptocurrencies. Banks, governmental or private organizations have no possibility to influence transactions of that kind of currencies.
• The anonymity of transactions. Of course, there is a possibility to track down the amount of currency that was transmitted from one e-wallet to another, but it is almost impossible to find out who is the owner of the particular wallet.
• Cryptocurrencies are protected against inflation. Any additional emission is prohibited. Only accepted at the beginning amount of currency may be on the market. For example, there may be only 21 million bitcoins on the market.
• All payments with cryptocurrencies are made in the same way as with any other non-cash money. Even more, any cryptocurrency may be cashed out.
All these reasons have led to rapid grows of the popularity of cryptocurrencies. This popularity led to the emergence of new ways of profit gaining thru investment operations with cryptocurrencies. Trading is one of the most popular ways of gaining profit for today.
The main point of cryptocurrencies trading is speculative operations with different types of cryptocurrencies when a trader is trying to buy currency when it is cheap and sell when a price is high. There many instruments for traders available online that allows performing that kind of speculative operations. But possession of the trading instrument is not enough to be successful in speculative operations with cryptocurrencies. A trader must have solid analytical skills and experience.
No wonder that hundreds of trading platforms have appeared on the web with a promise to fulfil the lack of experience of their clients. This platforms guaranty to clients certain profit in exchange for some fee. Some of those platforms deserve attention, but unfortunately, most of them are scam-resources. In this article, we will provide you with some hints that may be used in an assessment of trading platforms.
As a subject of our analysis, we will use one of the scam-recourses named Blockchain2Bank.
If you visit a website of this recourse you should notice, the main aim of this scam-resource is to make an inexperienced user dither in anticipation of future incomes. This should make him less sceptic about the terms of a proposition and turn him into the perfect victim of a fraud. So, unrealistic claims are the first thing that should warn anyone. Like this, for example: ‘Blockchain 2 Bank THE WORLD’S #1 CRYPTO TRADING TECHNOLOGY
With over 500 system developers & 300 trading strategists, we managed to develop a software that never fails to profit on average $700 daily in Cryptocurrency profits’. Let’s me just notice that the quality of the website is not appropriate for such cool and professional trading team with that huge amount of professionals on board. Maybe they should dismiss one of these cool system developers and hire one web designer instead. So here is the first hint at detecting scam trading resources – poor website design.
Next, why all these 300 trading strategists that promise us such great incomes are so modest? You won’t find any additional information about the team of over 500 system developers & 300 trading strategists. We should simply believe that those guys are real. Of course, they are so busy making us rich that they simply have no time to write something about themselves and add photos. Well, let’s say that we bought this fascinating story about hundreds of anonymous wizards that eager to make us rich. Let carry on our investigation and scroll down this absolutely inadequate webpage. The next thing that should alarm anyone who has at least some experience in fraud detection is stories of success.
Here is a screenshot of this. Notice please that you won’t find here any information that could be checked. As you can see there is nothing that may be considered as s proof of this systems owner’s professionalism. All that can be seen is huge amounts of dollars that should rise up the level of our greed and stop us from thinking rationally. And, by the way, notice that wright on the bottom of that block a sign up button is located. I would say that it is a pretty dirty psychological trick.


If you scroll down the page you will find other remarkable stories. Now you may read reviews on the system that had been made by “real” clients. Well, again, you won’t be able to check if these people are real, but at least here finally we can see some blurry photos. I suppose these photos should dissolve all our concerns about this scam recourse.
So, let’s summarize the information that we have received from the front page of Blockchain 2 Bank trading system. It promises us that team of professionals will ensure a profit on average $700 daily. As a proof, it shows us some eulogies of unknown clients. And that is all. Not much for such a serious organization. But if we click on a link named “website agreement” sited at the bottom of the page we will uncover information that won’t make us happy.
In the paragraph that named <>, we may read that the videos may not be accurate or based on accurate past true events, and are for simulation purposes only. Nonetheless, any and all information perceived from these videos through either visual, verbal, or written do not constitute financial, legal, tax or other professional advice and is not intended as a substitute for consultation with a qualified professional. ‘Blockchain2Bank’ has used its best efforts in producing these videos but ‘Blockchain2Bank’ does not make any representation or warranties with respect to the accuracy, applicability, fitness, or completeness of the contents of these videos.
With all that witty language it actually claims that all videos on the page are a fake. And even more, if you click on the link named Risk Disclaimer you will be able to read that due to the high risk nature of trading, ‘blockchain2bank’ explicitly does not make any express or implied warranties or guarantees that users will make any profit or that users will not lose any or all deposited investment funds.
But let’s stop on the front page, they claim that they managed to develop a software that never fails to profit on average $700 daily in Cryptocurrency profits. Are they lying? I guess it is a rhetorical question. Unfortunately, damage to the market’s reputation is the most disturbing consequence of that kind of fraud. Those swindlers are destroying one of the best advantages that the internet has brought us recently and it’s our common responsibility to fight them.

And to those who want to try trading off cryptocurrency should choose something much more reliable. There are many of respectable platforms like the “Tools Trades” Signals system for example.

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