BormanCorp scam: are they just another scam company after your money or a trusted partner, read now

BormanCorp 2019 is a virtual currency trading software that has appeared on the cryptocurrency market relatively recently. It is a platform that supports trading of some cryptocurrencies in Forex and CFD. Is BormanCorp legit? You no longer have to fear deception.

In fact, this platform uses examples from the current situation in the cryptocurrency market and thereby tries to attract investors ‘ attention to false trading products. So the program lures new users who immediately seek to create deposits and buy currency at competitive prices, thereby increasing their risk of falling into the trap of scammers.

Another thing that is questionable is the so-called great opportunity to make a high profit in a matter of hours. The site guarantees you untold riches in just one day. All you need is to register, provide personal information and Deposit some initial funds. And it is obvious that this is completely untrue.

Let’s go to their website and see what they attract people.

At first glance, the site is made qualitatively, the design attracts the viewer. On the very first page attention is drawn to suggestive figures. «Over 1000 assets from 5 major markets». Sounds nice. But it’s not really that simple. Go down below:

A pop-up window is immediately displayed on the side to communicate with the operator, who is supposedly online. But in response to your request you will receive only “our operator will contact you later”.

Lack of information-lack of truth

Further, the site does not indicate anything important about the company and the Creator. More precisely, the name of the Creator is not there at all. Click on the tab “about us”, we get only a list of positive features of the platform and offer to leave your application and enter your data. The absence of any information about the founder of the company says one thing-it is not! How can you trust a company that nobody manages?

This means that the entire platform has no contact information and is completely anonymous. In fact, it is not controlled by the state and the law and makes transactions illegally. Currency trading and any commercial services is a very serious matter, and without a license issued by the state, it is impossible and illegal to carry out.

What BormanCorp promises to their users?

  • Safety and security;
  • Trading possibilities;
  • Unmatched trading conditions.

And many other things that cannot be true.

In most cases, scammers use false contact information or do not provide it at all. As a result, as soon as you transfer your money to them, you lose the opportunity of any communication with them, and therefore your money went straight into the hands of the scammers. They’ll just disappear with your funds, and there’s little chance you’ll be able to prove anything.

Note how often you are asked to provide your data and personal information on the site. In no case do not do this! Scammers can easily use it for selfish purposes, which will serve you in the damage. When registering, you are required to provide your personal data, such as mailbox, wallet number, cards and so on. In no case do not mention this information anywhere, because scammers use it for personal gain.

The application BormanCorp is no different from the same broker site. The same scenario can be found in all fraudulent companies. Changes only the design of the site and some of the subtleties in the description. Developers use false information and aliases.

Conclusion-such programs must be strictly regulated and licensed to make transactions on full rights and legal grounds. Such licenses are provided by the state only by reliable trading programs, and it is impossible to obtain them illegally.

If you see that the company does not give any personal and contact information, you can be sure that it does not have a license. This means that, most likely, the system either did not make transactions at all, or received a ban on any actions, and all of them are completely illegal.

False smiles

Further proof BormanCorp scam is that the company presents only positive feedback. Typing in the search box the name of the company, we will see a variety of videos where people who allegedly used this brokerage system, give BormanCorp reviews and enthusiastically tell us about how just one day earned $ 100, without making any effort. For example, one woman claims that as soon as she came across their site, she registered, made a minimum initial capital and received twice as much the next day! Is it possible? In this case, people would not work in offices and firms with low salaries, and make capital without leaving home. It is a pity that now it is just a dream. And these people are just simple actors who were paid money to smile at the screen. In fact, all the reviews are fake, which means that the company itself is also a lie.


In this article, we told you about the scams in the network in our BormanCorp review. How exactly does the company deceive customers?

  • Help to drain money with daily analyst advice;
  • Impose loans on users;
  • Use the scheme of taxes payment

Today, there are many novice traders who can easily become victims of online scams, so you should always be on the lookout. Use only trusted and secure systems. For example, our partner, where in practice there is no case of theft or fraud. We recommend a trading system with certain signals that will come to users as soon as there is a favorable offer. The system is designed to calculate with high statistical accuracy, and you will quickly and accurately know what trends are worth betting on. Don’t trust every broker network. This may not end as you expected.

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  • Godwin

    I recommend this article to all, It very important to all always make a good research before accepting any possible investment, although it is saying “no risk no fun”, however I came encounter with “BORMANCORP” this morning pressing me to give them my account details and pay initial capital of 250 Euro or even more if I want to make more profit, Actually I was calm listening to an hour phone chat, and he never wanted to end the call until I made the initial deposit which I told him tactically that I will get back to him after my research still he never want to end the call, at the end I decided to take off my ear piece and let him continue talking without me listening to him again, after a while when he noticed I was no longer responding to him then he ends the call.
    Shortly, after his call again another call from a different number which I did not pick up, that was how I ended up with this article. By refusing to provide my bank details helps me to escape the scam this morning.

  • Stanley

    Be warned, never get involved with these scum bags, all they do was give false hopes & false promises to trap you in to make you lose money, I was interested in seeing how their auto trading software works, I was scammed & lost $2500 because my curiosity to see proof. The problem lies in they controlling everything once you are in, they control the so called auto trading software, the number of winning & losing trades they place into your account, you can hardly withdraw your funds as they manipulated & control your account balance & funds available. Each time I submit funds withdrawal, they would automatically cancelled your request by saying there are active trades on trading so the balance of your fund could change, you may not have sufficient funds in your account, they will always use the software to control your account balance by automatically keep inserting trades, if you are withdrawing a small amount, they will let you withdraw but by their company rule you have to wait for all the active trades to closed before allow fund transfer. after I withdraw a small amount having my account closed off all active trades, it left with a clear balance that exactly my funds are available on my account. I then send a request to close my account & submitted a full withdrawal request, what they did was immediately place 11 fresh trades onto my account so that my account balance could not be drawn down as fresh trades are now in trading, and then email me to cancelled out my withdraw request automatically. I got annoy & frustrated & demand closing all trades to close my account, what happen next was all the 11 trades they place into my account were end up as large losses margins on each trade eating up my fund balance on Positions will be closed automatically if your equity is below 321.77, and continuely trade under excessively high margin usage well over 60% to 90% to drain my funds until each of the 11 trades end up to become a huge loss trade to deplit all it was left on my trade account. So I had lost $2000 in the space of a month & only managed to taken out $500 from my account is my result & bitter experience with Bormancorp. Past that information on to warn other not to become their next victim, they also introduce you to download a remote access software call [Any desk] so that they want you to allow them to remotely share your computer to let their mouse probe around your content & even look into your bank account & financial situation you are in to plan their their attack to steal your money. So be warned.

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