Britcoin System App scam has at least four twins! Let’s check them out.

Remember our scam review on Britcoin System App? < LINK >

The situation is even worse than we could even imagine. It turns that this Britcoin System App scam has at least four twins! Let’s check them out.


#1 Bitcoin Aussie System

It is a platform that smells of fraud from the first moment we have entered the website. Practically combines all the ingredients so that we flee from there quickly.

But we do not want them to get away with it and for this reason, we are going to try to unmask the impostors of the Bircoin Aussie System fraud who only want to pluck us in the blink of an eye.

So, which signs of fraud we found?

  • Fake claims from so-called CEO of a company;
  • Fake Bitcoin Aussie System reviews with positive opinions;
  • Fake pictures of people from free stock photo platforms.

#2 Bitcoin Kiwi System App

Another clone of of Britcoin System App called Bitcoin Kiwi System App is a scam, just like the original one. This software doesn’t shows any sign of credibility: each statement is ridiculous, there is no single confirmation of this software and yet again, we can see a lot of pictures from free photo socks that are presented as a real users who became rich with Bitcoin Kiwi System App scam software.

#3 Bitcoin South African System

Well, looks like disease is spreading all around continents! Another fraud software: Bitcoin South African System scam. Everything looks pretty familiar: you can feel that you’ve visited this website already, because its design does not differs from the rest. We can see the same signs that can prove that Bitcoin South African System is a scam, as well as the others.

  • The same promises of imminent success and bright future;
  • No sings of legitimacy on the website, so you basically can’t find any authority that can prove that this software is legitimate;
  • The same situation with fake actors from free stock platforms.

#4 Bitcoin Malay System

If you look closely to the pictures of these people and notice their names, you’ll see that they’re definitely not from the South Asia. This absurdity can be treated like a joke, but these guys are pretty serious, which makes this state of affairs even funnier. Well, except the fact that Bitcoin Malay System scam is aimed at your wallet.



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