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You know that our main objective is to alert you of all binary options scams that can be found in the network. We are very tired of seeing how people who naively trust this sector end how they up leaving it after having lost their money trusting platforms and trading systems when they should avoid them by any means.


The bad thing about the Internet is that there is so much space for different websites and so little regulation, that it is most likely that someone who is starting out and has no knowledge will end up being scammed. It does not have to happen all the time, that’s for sure. There are all kinds of cases, but what is clear is that we cannot trust anyone.

We work so that you can know who to trust. We have a team of specialists who spend day and night checking the network in search of those new platforms that can be a scam, so that you are not the ones who fall for them.

We have tuned all the machinery. Because in this way we know that we can prevent these scam artists from continuing to earn money at the expense of others.

The name says it all: Britcoin system App is a scam

And in that sense today we speak of, a platform that has reached the network with a domain name the least suspicious and that since we saw it and gave us in the nose that did not smell too good.

The web address (the domain) is usually the first thing we distrust.

If you check the brokers to which we have given our approval, the vast majorities, if not all, have company or service names. That is, they have a brand that represents them and not a word that leads us to think of something like money. Could it be that they try to get our attention with vile metal? Possibly.


Well what they have achieved with that name is that we do not take long to put our eyes on them so that you all know that they are a fraud and that they are going to play with your money.

A website that begs to be denounced

If you look closely, there is a clear design of a typical fraudulent website. It is a very simple page; the most part of it is concentrated so that we can see it in detail after moving the mouse a little. Its creators barely took an effort to make it and with such website they want to make us millionaires by ripping off their users. You cannot say that people are not ready to bring their money. The first thing that they introduce us by the view when we enter the web is a great message with giant letters in which they tell us that there are 167 people who have gone from having a monthly salary $1,800  to almost $47,000. That’s awful! And they have done it in less than a month according to what they tell us.


Do not be influenced by the message of “Britcoin system App”

It’s obvious to us that this can lead to two levels of understanding. The first is that there are only 167 people on the website. A little crazy, but who knows. Because the owners of this scam project could actually have earned this money. The second is that there are 167 people in the world who have lose their money. And that can be quite real if we talk about investments and brokers that work in such conditions. The fact is that they leave the message there to get your attention and so you can calm by thinking about the thousands of dollars that you can earn.

Things that smell VERY bad

Then we have the usual block “Earnings in real time”, so you can see that there are people who are making money with their system. There are winners of all kinds, with such generic names that say without words: “at least they are creative with the names” and very varied earnings.

And that is accompanied by “testimonials” from people who come from YouTube and we would love to know how much they have charged for saying what they say in the videos. Do not believe anything of what is said in these videos. We’re delighted that in one of them there is symbol support for people who cannot hear. We must admit that you rarely see such approach these days.

Testimonials purchased from Fiverr

As we already mentioned above, the videos of the testimonials are bought in Fiverr, a platform for the purchase-sale of services or “mini-jobs” (in this case a testimony about a product like “Britcoin System App”) where you can acquire what you want.


FRAUD! “Britcoin system app” is a great deception from which we must flee as soon as possible.

  • Fake photos. Everything you see on this website when you enter is a lie and you have to be very careful with it. The testimonials of the web are people who have paid a penny to be recorded. It is normal when it is offered on freelance websites.
  • Fake videos. They could have videos up to those that say something like “eating stones is very healthy” in exchange for 5 dollars. Do not believe anything at all if at least it is not linked to an authentic Twitter profile and even then you should be careful, because you never know.
  • Fake mentions and promises. The mentions of profits are also faked and generated by an algorithm so that their product looks credible but not too “spectacular”. If they want to look real, they have to offer profits related to reality, that do not make you suspect thinking “that cannot be true”. The promises made on the website are also a lie.

Our recommendations

Those who claims that somebody is a fraud are never offer an alternative, but not in our case. If you are interested in binary options trade area, we can offer you a signals trade system simply called Tool Trades. This simple software is extremely helpful due to its statistics algorithm that performs accurate calculations so you can stay in touch with current trends and make the best bets.

The system is transparent for users. You can learn everything you can think about in order to get that this system is legitimate. There are a lot of fair reviews as well by unbiased users. This software will not make you instantly rich, but it definitely may help on your way of success.

We hope that this article helped you to avoid the scam software called Britcoin System. There are still dozens if not hundreds of such fraudulent systems that are aimed at your wallet, and our goal is to dispel their illusions.

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