BTC Prestige – Scam Review with Opinions

In this case, we will deal with , binary options software that promises us and ensures a daily gain of $ 5,000. That’s right, a high demand software where we can get high sums of money automatically while sitting at home, without doing anything, just depositing and collecting some grands, do you believe it? We neither!

In this article, we are going to focus on all the details that this web page provides to us and we can verify that we are facing a scam with a capital S.

We will check opinions, testimonials, identities and their innovative method of high demand to make sure that you do not fall into the trap that they sell us in The BTC Prestige and that you do not deposit with your associated broker since you will only lose all the money deposited in it.

Taking advantage of the need of the people and the current growing demand in the financial investment sector, at the BTC Prestige, they try to attract the inexperienced and needy clients since they will blindly believe in the statement that the automatic robot will create money daily without any effort.

Without further delay, we can then observe up to 3 different pieces of evidence justified and reasoned, with which to verify that we are faced with scammers and white-robed thieves in the field of financial investments. Do you want to know how BTC Prestige works? Keep reading.

What is BTC Prestige: Is it a SCAM or Truth?

In accordance BTC Prestige you can benefit from its latest technology software by investing in binary options. Due to the high demand in the market and expanding dream of financial freedom, we are assured that during the last 90 days will earn the incredible and astronomical figure of $ 91,829,193 with this free money machine.

What is the BTC Prestige?

The BTC Prestige scam platform is designed to operate completely automatically, so anyone can access the software and benefit from its operations.

With this made-up and fake data, they will try to capture and withdraw the largest number of deposits, because in a while this website and its fraudulent robot will disappear completely.

As if this were not enough, once we enter their website, we scan the IP address of our computer and verify our location so we can profit from this software to become millionaires.

For us to create this software that promises us financial freedom, they tell us that their platform or method converts a dollar into 1,361 dollars every 30 minutes. Do you believe this technicality possible? Obviously, this is impossible and false since there is no way to multiply the money and get those quantities so exaggerated without any effort and knowledge.

Evidence 1: We checked that the software is NOT SECURE

We checked the security and guarantees offered by the BTC Prestige binary options system and we will check once again that we are clearly not facing a system and platform that is neither reliable nor 100% reliable.

First of all, we will talk about the reliability and guarantee of the investment robot offered by The BTC Prestige, as it ensures 99.8 percent accuracy in its operations.

It is clear that such a high rate has to raise us many suspicions since there is no method or platform that ensures our gains as reliably as this.

Habitually, the rates of success and reliability are usually around 80 percent, so that operators offering higher rates are usually because they are fraudulent methods and systems and scams.

Secondly, we will talk about the security that your website offers us and the transactions we make in it since this will be of relative importance when it comes to making deposits and providing our data and identification.

If we check the security they offer us in their main portal, we can see that they do not even have SSL, so any publicity they have made to us in the tabs about McAfee SECURE, VeriSign, Symantec, GeoTrust, and SSL is totally fake, since it does not have its supervision and security guarantees.

Evidence 2: Tricky countdown to cause a sense of urgency

In the third evidence or proof to show that we are facing a scammer, so we will check the counters and automatic systems that we can see on the cover page.

Once we enter their main website, we can see two counters or automatic systems, one at your head and another located just below your presentation video.

In the first one we can observe a countdown clock, where they inform us that we have limited time for the expiration of the offer they are present us, so once the clock reaches zero we will lose the opportunity to enjoy the system.

Do you think this will happen? It is clear that no, it will not. After it stops at zero, nothing will happen, since it is only a clock programmed to make a countdown of 15 minutes each time we enter the website.

In the second counter, we will see a number of people who have joined BTC Prestige over a period of time. If we reload the web page, we will see that this number of people and time are always changing in a random way, so it is clear that the data they provide us is a simple program.

This method is very common for scammers and web scammers as they try to make their potential clients believe that they are facing a very revolutionary system and that they are having a great evolution to encourage their registration.

Evidence 3: Unregulated brokers

In the third proof or evidence to demonstrate the credibility of The BTC Prestige software, we will take into account the binary options brokers provided by the scammer’s team and we will check the regulation and regulations regarding them.

After several registrations as different users in their system to become millionaires (nope), we noticed that they facilitate the subscription with their recommended binary brokers. In our case, we registered with the broker Capital Markets Banc and the broker Stox Market, two brokers with a reputation that makes us doubt about their legality and their trading methods.


The bottom line & Recommendations

So here we are. Another scam trade system revealed, but there are dozens of unrevealed. Never trust your hardly earned money to strangers from the Internet. If you are looking for a good alternative to BTC Prestige, we can recommend you Tools Trades signal system. This software will not make you instantly rich, but it definitely could help you on your way to success. This software works with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make predictions for you so you can stay in touch with the market and make the best bets at the right time.

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