BTC robot: is this a scam or the prodigal son of bitcoin earnings

BTC Robot is a program for trading at Forex. It is said to be a fully automated tool for trading. But isn’t it a scam?

First of all, let’s check their website for the features of scammers.

The website of BTC Robot consists of several pages. The first page is divided into several blocks. The site itself even has several languages, it means it is made for users from several countries. In the upper block, there is a screenshot of the work of their terminal.

If we look attentively at this screenshot, we see, that the address is fake and this browser is not a browser itself. This screenshot is made very simply. Such advertising screenshot is the first sign of a scam website because scammers usually use such devices to attract users’ attention.

Although there are several languages here, it can be just a trick of scammers to make users sure, that the project is trustful and honest.

To the left of the screenshot, there is a registration block. Registration here includes your full name, email and phone. It might make an illusion, that this project is serious and it really works. The website even identified our country, but it is a simple script, that can identify a geographic position, it is used on many websites. It is nothing more, that an image of the trustworthy project.

To pass the registration you really need to write all these fields and also agree with terms. However, on the website, you can’t find these terms.

Lower the screenshot and registration field there is a description of the technology of BTC Robot.

After reading these paragraphs, you should ask yourself, if you learned something about the technique, this project works. Such descriptions do not even describe how the trading robot makes deals. Also nowhere you can find it’s program source. All that these texts describe are some “super innovative and precise technology” but it doesn’t tell, how this technology works. It is another sign of a scam – creating fake descriptions.

After descriptions there is a block, which has to describe the way, this project works.

However, it is just a simple algorithm, that tells to register as fast as you can and make a deposit. If you look at the second step, you see, that BTC Robot calls their trading a business. Their method cannot be called a business. After you register, they ask you to make a deposit, calling it a working capital. If you make a deposit, you lose it soon, because in reality this robot just pretends, that it is trading. It just takes money from the deposit and brings it to the owner of the project. This is how all such projects work. Serious words like “business” and “capital” are again a simple trick to convince people, that they can get a real profit here.

After the block “How It Works” there is a block “Last Trades”.

In this block, we can see a list of deals, that users have made recently. All these deals are profitable. When the user looks at this list, he thinks, that robot really works and brings huge amounts of money. But is it so? Making fake lists of people, reviews or profitable deals is a popular method of scammers. We can’t find any proofs to these deals, that is why we can call it fake.

Lower the list of fake deals there is a block of frequently asked questions.

The answers to the questions again promise you huge profits without spending any time. Answers convince users, that the profit is guaranteed. Remember, that no one would give you the ability to earn a lot of money without doing anything. No such robots exist, that can make a profit from nothing. Such list of frequently asked questions is another feature of scammers. If you attentively check their website, you won’t find any back contacts, that is why you have a question: “Where do these questions come from if no one can contact to owners?”

In the lowest part of the website, there is a risk note. It tells, that nothing is guaranteed, trading is a very risky business and you may easily lose your money. It contradicts with everything, that was written on the main page. Everything there guaranteed profits for nothing. With the help of risk note, scammers remove a responsibility for lose of money of users from themselves. It is also a feature of scammers.

Another noticeable sign of a scam is the absence of license of other proving documents. If a broker or some other trading program wants to perform a trading business, they have to pass regulation, get a license and this license with a stamp has to be on the first page of the broker. BTC Robot has no license and no other regulatory documents. It means, that these projects perform an illegal trading activity, so it is a scam.

As we have already mentioned, BTC Robot has no contacts. We can neither write them a letter nor call them. Also if you lose your money, you won’t be able to get it back through the judicial system because you don’t even know their address.

Causes to call BTC Robot a scam

All these reasons prove, that BTC Robot is a complete scam project:

  • Fake screenshots, trying to prove, that project works;
  • Colourful description, telling nothing useful about the project;
  • Everything on the website asks you to register and make a deposit;
  • A list of fake deals;
  • Guarantees of huge profits for doing nothing;
  • The absence of license or other documents.

Conclusion and advice

At the conclusion, we want to recommend you a trustworthy trading project – Tools Trades project. It is not a scam site like BTC Robot, it’s a fully legal trading project that is loyal to its users. Using recommended Signals Trade you have a complete control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions. Projects like Tools Trades can really make your trading in Forex easier.

Also, it is wrong to say, that all trading projects are scammers like BTC Robot since even professional traders use robots to trade more successfully. But they write programs for their robots themselves and no such programs you can find on the internet. BTC Robot is even not a robot, it is a simple scam project, when you pay to them, your money goes to the scammer and you get nothing from it.


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