Can we call a scam broker?

Ainvestments Forex Broker Review

If you are interested in investing but not sure how to start, we’ll help you. We need to start with market research and understanding the financial risks. Trading activity arises in a high risk of loss. And this happens not just because of the leverage of the nature of the trading, but also because of the existence of scam brokers.

Since we are studying lots of different trading platforms we can say with certainty that after reading this review, there be no doubt whether to trust this broker or not.


What you know

Ainvestments is a Forex Broker with Mobile and Web trading platforms. It was opened in 2016 and registered on the Marshall Islands.

What possibilities does this broker provide? It offers CFDs, bonds, bitcoin, and over 5 forex currency pairs.

If you visit the website, you might think that everything goes so well, such opportunities and so many advantages described on their page.

What you should know

With regard to regulation, this offshore company is operated by ESOS International Ltd, together with Kadeky International S.R.O. As mentioned above ESOS International Ltd is registered on the Marshall Islands. Regulation of the financial activity on the Islands is so poor and the requirements for brokers are so small, that it’s safe to say it’s practically non-existent. There were registered a huge amount of scams.

So investing your money by using such broker platforms, you have no guarantee, that even in the case of successful trades you can get your profit. It’s important to realize that your money in such accounts is not insured. And the only way to protect them is choosing the famous and reliable broker with the license.

Consequently, it should be noted that despite the fact of the registration in the Marshall Islands, this broker has an office in Northern Ireland. If you ask us about how we knew that, the answer will be simple. Look at their telephone number, which begins with British area code +44.

The question arises, why not British regulations? FCA (the Financial Conduct Authority in Britain) is one of the respected regulators for the Forex Brokers that are located in the United Kingdom. It provides guarantees against financial risks for the traders, and broker platforms registered there can’t be scams.


What about the initial deposit?

To open an account you are offered to invest a minimum $250, what is quite a lot for the suspicious broker. We can find numerous well-known and time-tested brokers with a minimum initial deposit of $100 to open a standard account.

What you know now

In conclusion, we can say that this trading platform offers good possibilities and minimum reliability. All we knew with certainty is that this broker trading platform isn’t very clear. Some facts remain unclarified.

The only that can be said, you better not to waste your time and money to find out whether you’re dealing with scams or not.

A credible Forex Broker is the best choice to start.


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  • Den

    AInvestment – to be honest, this is the one and only broker who wants their clients to be successful and profitable in their trading. Great execution, no slippage and better spreads. The great thing about this broker is their analysis and report which they send every trading day which helped me to become a better trader than i was earlier. I usually don’t write reviews for brokers but their service really inspired me to write a review for them. I really appreciate their customer support and No fee based deposit and withdraw for such excellent service. So far a good new broker, wishing a good future and hope that they will consistently provide services like this to traders like me!

  • Alexander

    True! I strongly recommend this broker. Very good broker with excellent performance, support and feed. AInvestment knows what they are doing about – serious company!

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