Cloud Track Trader: is that real to get $1,250 per day?

Have you ever thought about earnings without any physical or mental activity? Have you ever thought about using any trading software? Have you ever used them? Anyway, everyone has such thoughts and everyone wants to do nothing and to get money. So, let’s talk about one of those various systems which offer us to receive money for nothing.

Cloud Track Trader is such a platform. At the landing page, we can see this Software “can help to make $1,250 per day”. It says that you don’t even need any special knowledge or education. You just need to register and to start earning. I can’t believe that anyone trusts such offers.



At the represented video we can see the CEO of Cloud Track Trader James Christian. The video lasts for almost 20 minutes and we get from that no information about that man, his education, his becoming and experience, no information about the system and no facts about its establishment. He just tries to persuade us of the reliability of his platform and of 100% receipt of money using general terms and no specifics.

So, is it really possible to make a great deal of money with no loss? I don’t think that anything like this offer can be true. At such moments we can always remind the proverb ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. I guess it’s going to be true forever, as nobody will share such a profitable way of making money, especially if that competent person doesn’t even know you. It’s not logical at all. We won’t give our results of hard work to strangers we may share some experience with well-known people. That’s who we are by nature and it’s a psychological feature of almost everybody.

Okay, let me try to prove Cloud Track Trader is a complete scam.

How does Cloud Track Trader work?

Mr Christian says that the system provides 100% exactness and no trade loses ever. He also mentions allegedly your income will depend only on the initial investment and the aspiration, ambition and he uses many other vague notions to persuade potential “partners”.

In addition, I found out that all comments about Cloud Track Trader are fabricated. To prove this statement you can just use the search by image on the Internet to see that all these people who admire the platform so much are fake and they’ve never used it.



For example, I found a woman who says like she recommends the service to “anyone who is dear” to her. At the website of Cloud Track Trader, her name is Audrey Janessa but there’re a few other web pages where we can see the same photo with other names. For instance, at the CORPOslim her name is Rosemeire Valim. I guess that fact says a lot about the system we talk about.

Also, there’s the claim that it is free as the creators get only 1,3% of your winning. Actually, we found out that Cloud Track Trader software is not free at all! It is available for a 30-day free trial and then it will cost a certain fee which is intentionally not mentioned before. You find this out only after you have submitted the information they want to get and after you have signed up for the website. The details you gave make you open to pressure from the “incorporators”, especially when you will decide not to continue depositing after you learn the truth about the Cloud Track Trader’s scheme.

Moreover, the system is positioned like completely reliable and you’re going to have zero loss but at the bottom of the page there’s the text written in small print which says: “Cloud Track Trader will not bear any responsibility for damage or loss as a result of your confidence in the represented information at the website; including material for the education, quotes/charts of prices, analysis… Cloud Track Trader doesn’t accept the liability for any trading losses users may face because of incorporating the data afforded on this platform”. All these statements go against the declarations made by James Christian.

Is there any use trying to get money by Cloud Track Trader?

You can try and you will definitely lose all your money invested in the platform. Impostors like Mr Christian make use of the trustful people and only these liars earn money using such schemes. But if you have some extra money it’s going to be much better to invest it in something more stable and known safe. Don’t be lazy to find any comments about “companies” like this one on the Internet not only on the page of the software. It just can’t be so easy to get money and you can’t raise money from literally anything. So, be careful as no one will be able to help if you lay out in this way. There is a lot of different stories when defrauded users didn’t get their money back and they won’t get it in the future. The question is all transactions are past recall in the sphere of cryptocurrency. That is why money’s just gone to the fraudsters and it will never return to the first owners. I guess in this note I proved Cloud Track Trader has characteristics which show that it’s scam trading system.

Our recommendation

However, not all of such platforms are a scam. There’re some reliable incorporators and systems which allow you to raise some money not as much as $1,250 per day but they’re proven by users in fact.



So, today we can recommend “ToolsTrades”- Signals Trades system. It is definitely not a fake software like Cloud Track Trader or other similar websites, it’s a legitimate trading system that is transparent to its user. The platform offers two types of signals to its users. There are signals in the morning and signals in the evening. This trades system has split up their product into 2 classes: they will send you four-morning trading opportunities and four evening opportunities. In addition, you’ll be able to manage all your investments and make the right decisions concerning the inputs of money. The recommended Signals Trade is going to help you on the way to successful development and self-making.

To conclude we just want to say it again: “Please, be completely careful and even suspicious if you want to try anything connected with the cash investments on the Internet. Nobody will be able to return your money if anything goes wrong.


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