Coin Ultimate Trading or COINUT – Good Service?

Today we are going to give you some details and proofs about Coin Ultimate Trading, which is said to be the expert in the field of trading. The system deals with cryptocurrencies and the exchanging activity. The team of this service assures the clients it safe and secure for everyone. But is that really so? In this article, we will look closely at the website itself, and also provide you will some tips on how to detect scamming system from the first look at the site.

First look and website structure

The website has some information about trading; it also has the charts and diagrams, rates of different currencies and even a blog. Also, you can download an application to your phone and use it whenever you want to. There is a page with information about the service, the address in Europe, Asia and America and some data about the purpose of the service, the main functions of it and so on. You would not understand from the first look, that this website and the system itself is a scam because everything made so good and realistic enough for you to believe in a success of the service. The structure of the website is worked out and the main thing – the platform, they have a normal one. But still, there are some issues you need to know about, in order to be aware of the reliability of the system and the risks, if there can occur any.

Conditions and terms of the system

The first thing to say here is that the system takes a small commission for their work. If we were to compare with others services, which usually take 0.20% of the whole sum, this system takes only 0.10%. So, some traders and investors see it as one of the rising and a good one.

You can make transactions and actions with different cryptocurrencies, not only with Bitcoin, but you also can trade with Ethereum and Litecoin, dollar and some other currencies are there for you.

The system is a multifunctional one, as we can see not only some possibilities to deal with crypto tokens, but also trade, and have a deal with Binary Options. The platform has a chart constantly changing and showing you the results and changes in the market itself.

But still, you can not withdraw the money with PayPal or by using your credit card. Maybe they will do something about it. You can use the dollars, euros and Singapore dollars in order to make some trades, but you can also use the abovementioned cryptocurrencies.


Although the system seems to be not so bad and reliable, we should notice that it has no license and regulations. So, it is not seen as a credible and reliable one. It is known that the license of the system – is one of its reliability factors.


After a research and after reading some review from the clients, we should say this system is a normal one, but the main point is, it is not regulated and so, we can not recommend this system to you. So, if you really want to trade and deal with Coin Ultimate Trading, you should keep in mind about its status and legal issues they have.

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