Bitcoin compass review 2019: We will find out if Bitcoin compass is scam

First look at the website

We start a Bitcoin compass review. To check this project if it is honest, we should look at their website. Scammers’ websites usually have many typical features.

On the very upper part of the site there is a red line, telling that their project is getting an unprecedented number of new users and a timer. The red colour of this line is attracting the attention of users, who enter this website. Exaggerating a number of users is a feature, that’s purpose is to persuade people, that the project is extremely popular. The timer also is used to speed up users to register at the website. It is aimed at people, who do not analyze a lot and react too fast to such shocking offers. When the timer runs out, it stops at zero and nothing extraordinary happens. These features are first signs that Bitcoin compass is a scam project.

Lower the red line goes an inscription in huge letters, saying, that bitcoin helps people become rich. Also, you are told, that you can become a millionaire with the help of this project. Both inscriptions are made also in bright colours its aim is also to attract attention.

Advertising video

After the loud inscriptions go a video, that describes Bitcoin compass. Videos are often used to explain how a scam project works. This video is made very cheaply and in fact, the video doesn’t tell anything about the project. The video describes the origin of bitcoin cryptocurrency, history of its creation, but it tells nothing about the principles of work of Bitcoin compass. Also, the video promises huge profits with the help of their project. Such kind of video is just an advertisement, that tries to convince users in guaranteed profit. That is another feature of a scam project.


To the right of the video, there is a registration block. It is also made in bright colours. Again we see an appeal to change your life. Such inscriptions are a psychological trick, that is supposed to motivate users to register faster. The registration consists of three steps:

  • In the first step, you should enter your name and email. We recommend you not to enter email before you fully check project because even if you do not use the project, you will get a lot of spam to your email from this and many other scam projects;
  • At the second step, you enter your password. Never enter any password, that you use at any other projects because it can be stolen;
  • After entering the password, go a telephone number, if you enter your telephone at scam project, you will also get a lot span to your telephone. After passing the registration, you get an email, that asks you to make an investment to some cryptocurrency broker.

After you make a transaction to this broker, some trading program starts trading cryptocurrencies and this is where your money goes to the scammer. No such program exist, that can make the profit from nothing. This is how scam project works.

Under the registration and video there are some facts about Bitcoin compass:

First, we see labels of several controlling organizations. But if we check them, we see, that these labels are just pictures, that can be placed on any website. These signs try to convince, that project is legal, but is Bitcoin compass really legit?

Nowhere on the website, there is a real license, given by the official financial controlling organization. If there is no license, then the activity of such a project is completely illegal. And if you lose money in such project, you won’t be able to get them back through the court, because your transactions to such project were voluntary. All projects without an official license completely scam.

Other information at this page

Let’s return to the website: lower labels there is an image of a happy man on the background of bitcoin symbol. It is also a motivating feature, that makes users psychologically compare themselves with the happy and rich trader on the picture.

To the right there are again descriptions of cryptocurrency system, that again are trying to convince users to join the project.

There we can also notice labels of world-famous media. The project says, that it was noticed in these media, but if we check websites of these media sources, we won’t find anything about Bitcoin compass. Here our project lies again.

The text under media labels once again says, that bitcoin offers a chance to become rich, but such description doesn’t tell about how the project works, it just promises wealth. Empty promises are nothing else then a feature of scam project. Then go another block with some strange 3-step algorithm.

It is written in a very simple way again to persuade users, that earning huge money is extremely simple, practically this scheme has no purpose- it is one more scammers’ feature.

Fake reviews

Under this scheme there is a block with Bitcoin compass reviews:

Such reviews of users are often put at scammers’ websites and their purpose is also to convince users, that earning a lot of profit is possible with the help of Bitcoin compass. Proofs, that reviews are fake:

  • If we try to check these people on Google, we won’t find anything about them.
  • Their photos are also just taken from google. Fake reviews are a significant feature of all scam projects.

You never should work with projects, that display fake reviews on their website.

Lower the block with fake reviews, there is a block, describing some special technology.

These texts brightly describe some unique technology, that Bitcoin company is based on. But there are no proofs to this unique system. This is again just an advertising description, aimed at attracting attention to Bitcoin compass. That is another feature of a scam.

Considering all the facts about Bitcoin compass, we make a conclusion, that this project is complete scam. It is not worth using Bitcoin compass in 2018. They promise, that some new revolutionary method offers crazy returns on your investment and has already turned a lot of people into millionaires, but no proofs are given. Also, this project is not licensed, which means that its activity is illegal and we persistently recommend you not to work with this program.

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  • Emma Hall

    If you have deposited funds, is there likelihood of getting this back if haven’t traded yet?

  • admin

    We really hope you can withdrawl your money, please keep us informed

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