Compound Trader – Scammer or an Incredibly Reliable source?

Trading is becoming more popular with ordinary people who don’t really know the details and just want to join this huge market. There are dozens and dozens of trading systems allowing to get you money. By buying and selling you get your profit, and sometimes the sums are huge enough to quit your job. And still, even though there are lots of those systems assisting ordinary people to get involved in this whole thing and start earning. There are some, that just want to make money with your help. Such systems are known to be scammers and usually, these have some similarities people should notice in the first place. Such systems are not reliable at all, they all have the same mechanism. At first, they use different effects, so you get interested and start thinking about joining them. The next step – is making you register and believe they are powerful and have the money to pay you. After the registration and the suggestion, you get the sense of credibility and the unity with a system, you believe them. After the payment is sent, such scammers usually just block people, forbid the access to their account or ban, without giving some sort of explanations.

The systems vary in visual organization, but they have the common scheme. And so, today we decided to check Compound Trader and see if it is another scam or if it is a good system with a promising future in the trading field.

First impression

At first, you see the same site like many others. The structure is the same, as the structure of other trading system and some website promising to give you money almost for nothing. We have here the video with blurry and general information giving nothing but all known facts. The next thing we see is the registration form. And one thing to notice – the site defines your location and it uses it (to say that only YOUR country residents have the possibility to some special offers and proposition – of course if you register right away).

The site has a map and some “numbers” – the sum people are usually receiving in your country or your specific location. We also see the rates with different currencies and some numbers again.

The page with unique features of the system is poor indeed, as there you can find only some advantages and reasons to use this very service. We see the members opinion and the bottom of the page with some information about regulations, risks and warnings. Well, at least they have that, as many scammers don’t have this (maybe just to get the impression of a reliable source and good service for earning money quickly).

Details and Closer Review

So, got acquainted with the website and with the system itself, we could provide you with some facts about it. We won’t be talking much and say you right away: this system is a scam. It is obvious that not everything is so good, as it sounds. This system even from the beginning starts to pull wool over your eyes by saying you would get more than 12 dollars every day. Is not that crazy? Even if it was so easy to make money just by using the system, do you think it would be available for everyone? Logically thinking this is not true, nothing like that in this world.

The next point of the detailed analyzes of the website. Just look at how many times they were talking about the registration on the website and that it takes just a few minutes and after the registration, you will be very rich and start a new life? The answer is – three times or even more. This technique is known as manipulation. They just get to your subconsciousness to make you want to register right now. Usually, these systems use the so-called “rush method” – they say they give some benefits to those lucky people who register on a certain day. This now credible at all, if the system really works – there is no need of notifying people to register and tell them all the time one and the same information.

We also have the member opinion page with some users (ordinary people) giving their thoughts and reviews about the service. Here we see some people who are very happy with this service as it brought some big sums to their lives and changed it. But everyone should know: that is another trick. These comments are created by a team of scammers (there you can read a lot of good points of the service). After that, the people’s name is made up, and the pictures of the clients are found at stock sites, that have dozens of photos for different users to use it for free. Everything is much easier here. And also if you were to read the reviews outside the website (using some other sources), you would just find lots of people speaking negatively about this Compound trader. But please, pay your attention only to those sources, outside the system, because these are more truthful. People having some problems with the system write in different blogs, and that is a usual thing. People like to share these grieves.

They also said, that one of their advantages is the comfortable usage of the service while using the phone, personal computer or tablet. But this is a must nowadays – every site provides the users with this thing. It is like the service is so poor on the advantages that it starts to write about some obvious ones – just to seem more professional and worked out.

The Final Conclusion and Our Recommendations

It is obvious that there is no way we can recommend this system to use. It is a scam, just like others, with the same scheme and scamming tricks and methods. Please, don’t use it – it is not regulated, after all, you risk losing your money and getting into the trap. If the system is not licensed it is really hard to start to believe it, as these systems turn out to be in the zone of “scammers”. But we can recommend you something better. And this better option for you is the Signals Trade. With this system, you forget about scammers and the willing to make money on you. The system is checked and approved by us, and we guarantee you will get control over your finance and the rights to make decisions by yourself, instead of different automated systems they propose you nowadays.


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