Crown Finance – is it a work for me?

Usually, it is not very easy to choose a good broker. You need to know about the broker legislation to trade, its registration, reliability and possibility to earn money using it. Good brokers use different tools for you to trade and bad brokers use different tools to cheat you. The cheaters can camouflage and pretend that they are good and can bring you money, but actually, they are a true scam that wants to cheat you. Sometimes your attention to the details can protect your money and personal information. We prepared a review about Crown Finance to help you with choosing right broker.

Crown Finance registration

A good trading company always has registration to trade. The most commonly known and reliable places for a company to register are the UK, the USA and Australia. If the company has the legislation in any country from this list, you can trust it. The Crown finance doesn’t have any own registration at all. This fact is sufficient to have doubts about the broker. The company specializes in binary options and for this type of activity, it is very important to have registration and legislation, because it is too convenient for scam brokers.

About the soft and used currencies

The broker prefers to trade with not very popular trading pairs, among them you can find Poland, India and Mexico currencies. The soft that their use is Tradestation binary options, also on the site is something strange with time: if you choose the binary option that expires in 45 minutes, actually it will expire in 30 minutes instead 45. Also, you can get all this information only after registration on their site, that is strange for good company, but it is very predictably for cheaters and choosing this broker you can’t use the automatic robot to trade, and also it can be disappointing for somebody.

About rates

The minimum rate for the binary option is 5 dollars, and the maximum is 10000 dollars. The minimum sum that you must deposit for the beginning is 250 dollars. The first time when you can take your profit (if you earn it that is very doubtful) is in a half a year, that it is strange too.


This company has a bad reputation, and there was bad news about it. The fact is that the company copies its name from another company with license: Crown Finance Limited. The Crown Finance copies firm registration number and their name from the authorized organization and also use their address on their website! So before trading always examine attentively the truthfulness of the information provided by the broker and compare with the address of the website that you look at! For good broker, there is no reason to leave on their website not their own address, and to use the registration number of another company.

Usually, brokers that don’t have appropriate registration are fake and all that they can offer you are cold calls from not skilled managers that can speak very reassuringly. Don’t trust them and examine all the information or you can lose all your money!

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