Crypto Investor – Will This Application Teach Investing or Will It Just “Pick One’s Feathers Off”?

At the present time even if you are not a professional trader and just watch TV, listen to the radio or surf the Internet every day, you obviously run upon some news and advertising about cryptocurrencies. There are so many tempting proposals over there suggesting you make smart use of your money and invest to the crypto market. Actually, it really sounds very attractive to sit at home, make some clicks with your mouse and get rich. However, if it is so easy why do lots of people still wake up in the early morning and go to ordinary working places every day?
For sure, there are people in the world who have succeeded and made fortune at the online stock trading market investing in cryptocurrencies. You can find hundreds of applications on the Internet promising you mountains and marvels, but you have to be all eyes and ears in order not to be caught by scammers. So, let us have a look at one application like that which is located at Does it give big promises or just false hopes?

Investigating the “Kingdom” of Scammers

As I have mentioned hereinbefore, a lot of people have heard something about cryptocurrencies, know that it can bring a return, but they do not know where to start. Therefore, those sites, which promise to show how to start earning, really can attract the attention of the beginners at the crypto market. Our platform at is not different.
Just have a look at the front page. The phrase “make money” in yellow hypnotizes at first glance.

Moreover, here is the promise to teach where to start while making investments to cryptocurrencies. What does a beginner need more? Especially when the site will uncover the secrets of trading techniques “used by the world’s top investment banks”. And no names of the banks. In very deed, I have not heard any name of the serious bank which has acknowledged that it has invested into Bitcoin, for example. On the contrary, nowadays banks are afraid of the cryptocurrencies since they can threaten the existence of banks themselves.
Anyway, let us scroll down the page and “learn how to earn thousands from home”.
To begin with, you will not need any experience to work with the application provided, it will guide you “from A-Z” to “conquer the world of cryptocurrencies in no-time with the superior courses”. It sounds like a magic! You need neither experience nor time, but still, you will become rich. You might believe, of course, but as for me, such things can happen just in fairy-tales. To be successful at any business a person, especially a beginner, has to spend a lot of time for learning, practising also takes time. Online trading has its rules and these rules can change rapidly, you have to follow them constantly and it needs time. There are no such courses in the world, which you can take and forget about learning. This kind of business requires constant concentration and following all new trends.
The second thing promised by the site is learning from experts. While the registration at the site is for free, it is not easy to understand who will pay for the services of such experts, since it is commonly known that if you want to get adequate advice from some financial advisor or broker you have to be ready to pay. Good and working advice is not cheap and naturally are not free of charge.
The third promise about flexible hours sounds rather rational since our dynamic world gives such an opportunity to work through the Internet “when you want and where you want”. Nevertheless, at the same time, this part contradicts with the first promise saying that you will be able to “conquer the world of cryptocurrencies in no-time”. So flexible hours or no-time? Dear creators of Crypto Investor, please, decide what we will have at the end if we decide to register at your site.
Following the web page, we are finding success stories of the existing users of the site.

Roger Webb, Kathy Palmer, Mario Webster and Ricardo Potter. Smiling faces and promising words… Roger Webb is a middle-aged man; nonetheless, he says that he is still a college student. Or does he mean that his education ended at the college? Make a long story short, these users and comments are really strange, to say the least.
By the way, if one makes an effort, it is possible to find other sites with the same satisfied users making the same comments about other means of online trading. So be careful, scammers are everywhere waiting for you to make a mistake while deciding to be registered on such sites and even more – to invest your hard-earned money to them. They promise you will be able to “achieve your financial goals” and “fulfil your own dreams and not someone else’s”, but de facto while using such sites as you will fulfil the dreams of the creators of scam platforms like this.
Still, at the end of the web page, the site creators have used a real man who is known for his achievements at investments. Robert Kiyosaki. I am sure you have heard about him and even read his well-known book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, but at the same time, I am sure that Robert Kiyosaki himself has never heard anything about and has not given his permission to use his name for such purposes at the sites like this one.
Consequently, if you want to be a king of crypto investing do not follow big promises, but study the rules, learn the theory and practice at the platforms having credibility.

Our Suggestions

Actually, the world of global finance, online trading and cryptocurrencies are very exciting and if you really want to become a part of it, then come on! However, do not forget to keep in mind that in order not to burn your fingers you have to estimate all the risks and think about all factors influencing this fragile market. And, for sure, you have to use trusted platforms and sites while speculating on the crypto market.
The one of them, which is recommended by us as well, is Signals Trades. It is NOT a scam site like “Crypto Investor” at www. It is reliable and it meets all the requirements of online trading (including operations with cryptocurrencies). More importantly, it is a legal trading system, which is transparent to its users. By applying Signals Trades you will have the full control over your investments. Put the verified platforms to good use and in this case, just the sky will be your limit!

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