Cryptotrader GPS Crypto review: a step by step tutorial for avoiding being scammed by this one

Trading cryptocurrency for today is one of the most popular and widespread types of online earnings. For many people, this seems like a convenient way of working without any special effort. Many investors and traders are attracted by the possibility of instant large earnings. But is everything so perfect? This will not make you rich in just one night. Linking to systems of crypto-currency business, you are very much at risk. That’s why you should avoid anyone who will make you earn thousands of dollars in a short period of time. In most cases, it’s a fraudster who is trying to steal you. And the cryptocurrency system Cryptotrader GPS is one of them. Thousands of investors suffered huge losses, once registering on the site of the cryptocurrency trading. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be vigilant and know about all the tricks of scammers. Let’s look into this in more detail.

Truth or lie?

First, we’ll tell you a little about the Cryptotrader GPS system itself. Cryptotrader GPS is an automated crypto trading system, a software presented by a famous actor known as Jim Heffner. As soon as we go to their site, they immediately try to convince us that in a short time we will be able to get up to 10,000 dollars without much effort! $ 450 per hour? Is it possible? I do not think so. Already here, by looking at their website, we can make sure that this is a fraud. Also, in the lower right corner, we see that a certain Jessica has just earned $ 309. And every minute this sign changes. Do so many people successfully receive money every hour and live happily? Far from it. This is just another trick to convince you to register on their site, thereby providing scammers with personal information, through which they will enrich your money.

What else indicates that the Crypto GPS is a scam? Of course its the creator. Rather, his absence. Jim Heffner is just a fictitious name that is used only as a disguise. We do not see his face, but we hear only the voice and see the text allegedly written by him, which says that it is in his interests to provide us with profit. It would absolutely not have been possible, whether the system he created was really legal. Therefore, the possibility of the existence of this person automatically disappears.

In most cases, scammers use the false contact information or do not indicate it at all. This is done so that after receiving money from you, you lose the opportunity of any communication with them. They will simply disappear with your money, and there is little chance that you will be able to prove anything. When registering from you require your personal information, such as a mailbox, purse number, cards and so on. Do not in any way mention this information anywhere, because scammers use it for personal gain.

The very same application is no different from similar crypto trading sites, such as bitcoin, for example. The same scenario can be found in all the shadow scams. Change only a few words and design of the site. Developers use fake information and aliases.


This implies another fact – the Cryptotrader GPS system is completely anonymous, which means only one – it does not have a license. Bitcoin and other similar crypto-currency trading programs should be strictly regulated and be licensed in order to carry out trades on full rights and legal grounds. Such licenses are provided only by reliable trading programs, and it is impossible to acquire it illegally.

If you see that the software is anonymous and does not provide any information, then you can be sure that they do not have a license. This means that most likely the system either did not make transactions at all, or it received a ban on it, and all trades and transactions are completely illegal.

Nothing is so simple

The site also uses photos of certain people who have grown rich due to the trade in cryptocurrency. On them, we see happy faces and a wonderful life full of all possibilities, but this is just another trick by fraudsters. You are attracted to beautiful shots, but do not be mistaken, because no money so simply falls from heaven to your hands.

We also see the title “limited time offer”. Further, it is said that there are only 10 available places, which hints at the fact that you must register now, otherwise miss the opportunity. But this is nothing more than a tactic of pressure – you feel that now you have a unique chance, and you have no right to miss it. But in fact, these 10 empty seats never existed, and will not exist, so you will not get a unique opportunity. Remember that such inscriptions and headings are just another tricks that are designed to attract your attention.

On the Internet, you can often find descriptions and positive feedback about this trading system. So-called users tell how quickly and easily they were able to earn a large sum without any effort. All of them praise Cryptotrader GPS and encourage other people to register on their website. But this is nothing more than fake accounts of people, which most likely do not exist at all. After all, nothing can be so perfect, and Cryptotrader GPS is no exception.

Our recommendation

Trade in crypto-currencies offers high promises and untold riches, but this is not a quick method of enrichment. Such a trade requires patience, discipline and no system will give you thousands of dollars in just one day. That’s why always be on the alert and use only proven platforms. We can advise you a system like ToolsTrades which is crypto GPS legit. This is a unique signals trades system, which calculates with a high precision exactly which trends are best for betting and when. In front of you is an absolutely legitimate trading system, with which you can control the level of costs and your investments.

Trading applications, such as Crypto GPS, are seductive, especially when developers promise you wealth in just a few days. They will do their best to get your attention. So remember – it is impossible to get a big salary of $ 400 in such an easy way. Most likely, this is cheating. We hope that our automated trading platform review will help to avoid such situations. Be careful and avoid transactions with untested systems.


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