Regulations can’t stop them! Arotrade – benefits the beginners and professional traders.

What you need to know about Arotrade

If you want to open an account with this broker – don’t hesitate! This one is very attentive to the traders and offers a full-time support. Online managers are ready to help you day and night not to get lost in a complicated world of online trading. The comfort of the platform cannot be overestimated. Since you start your account, you have access to all the benefits that Arotrade’s users have. Not every online broker provides an opportunity to use trading signals at present time, while Arotrade has included this service in its trade software. This particular company provides more than 1000 assets, plus a variable amount of useful trading tools and functions, which can be a big help for beginners and a useful addition for professional ones.

Regulation and Legal

there could not be any trusted trading brokerage without a solid regulation, there are the legal information for this financial instetution:

Arotrade is a trading name of SPEED SOLUTIONS Ltd, regulated by the International Financial Services Commission (“IFSC”), under authorization number IFSC/60/391/TS/18. 5 Cork street, Belize City, Belize. client transactions are being processed by SPEED PA LTD, situated at 28 Jawaharlal Neru Blvd. Silver Business Center, Office 24, 132 Sofia, Bulgaria

The platform

Arotrade had its own trading platform where you can make deals with CFD, FX, FX-simplified and cryptocurrency. Not so many brokers provide such a wide range of cryptocurrencies because the market itself is rather new. The binary trading software itself is very stable and quick. The benefit of having its own platform is that the company doesn’t have to pay the side firms for their services, which would result in delays in transactions. That means is that some online brokers that don’t have their own platform for trading are using another broker’s software. Sometimes it takes time during processing all the amount of deals both of its own traders and traders of other platforms.

Along with that, Arotrade has a numerous amount of trading tools both for beginners and professionals. You may find an approximate list of them below. Maybe for new traders, these words won’t make any sense but those of you who have already been practising trading cryptocurrencies will find them very pretty helpful.

If you join Arotrade, you will get access to:

  • Various low-cost spreads.

You will receive a notification at the same moment when market prices change. You just need to indicate the price at which you want to open a position, and you will be informed when the change is happening.

  • Trading signals and interface.

You will be able to use a well-designed format of the charts with various display options for a comfort trading.

  • Most popular assets.
  • Leverage to X400.
  • Different types of transactions.
  • Risk management tools.


Not so many online software can be proud of such a huge amount of useful functions. The access to the majority of the most popular markets will make your profit earn much easier. Arotrade makes transactions very quickly, which make the whole trading process much easier.

Arotrade gives you an opportunity to trade with dollars, euros, pounds, crypto and other major currencies. You can also make deals on such commodities as oil, sugar and gold.

Trading with Arotrade is a useful thing for those who want to earn money online. It is a huge platform, one of the biggest in its segment, and it is available to anyone who wants to get some profit from his funds.

Types of accounts

There are 6 types of accounts available for you to choose from. You simply need to decide which one is suitable for you. Any and each of them has a list of benefits that include useful bonuses that you will have an access to at the very moment when you start using the account.


These benefits include daily articles about new markets trading reviews, helpful professional webinars, analytical videos and lots more.

Arotrade even has a demo account for practising your trading skills. As practice shows, it is an incredibly helpful tool for the newbies to try their forces on virtual money before putting real money on account.

Talking more about the account, there are several options for you of depositing and withdrawing money. All of them are easy in use due to their easy interface. The system accesses the use of all the major debit/credit cards, bank transfers and electronic purses like WebMoney, Skrill, Sofort, Neteller and others). To be able to withdraw your funds from the platform you need to follow the instructions and pass identification procedure which includes providing your personal identification documents that the company needs to make sure that you are a real person. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cash out your money before the completion of this process.

Along with the benefits listed above, the platform allows you some other help in online crypto currency trading education which is a nice thing since the trader doesn’t have to teach you that. You may find some very helpful materials that you may learn online. They include educational video training, e-books on Forex / CFD / Crypto-currency trading and some real-time webinars. The trader offers various trading tools along with daily and weekly technical analysis of markets, analytical videos, financial news and strategy lessons that will be helping you in making your first deals with this online trader.

You may also find some other helpful tools on “Tools Traders” system – another online cryptocurrency broker that will be your helper in reaching your financial goal. Just check their webpage to make sure that it has something to offer.

Summing up, Arotrade  is a brilliant online cryptocurrency trading software that is benefiting both for beginners that have just started practicing their trading skills and professionals. The last one will be surprised by the overwhelming amount of trading tools, while the newbies will be very lucky to have an opportunity to first try their skills on demo account virtual funds before putting their own money. Plus, beginners will have an access to all the educational videos and webinars that were created intentionally to make their first steps in cryptocurrency trading easier. If you want to make money online and think that cryptocurrency trading is your way to escape the poverty, then Arotrade will be your personal helper in reaching this goal.


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  • Minda

    I have created my account for arotade with 250usd minimum amount, now the manager miss Christy Lorry as introduce is asking me to add 3000 USD as minimum amount for me to earn greater profit, I really appreciate her concern that if I I deposit such amount I will gain a huge profit and she will be with me to guide me on trading to avoid loss as she explained, now I want to know if my 250 USD is not really enough to start with.??

  • Mark A.

    thanks you for the support and the good recommendations, finally found a broker that i can trust

  • Muriel

    I payed the deposit but I don’t even know wher to start because no one to explain to me

  • Rahman

    I’ve opened an account US 250.00 but to date not done much except listen to the manager and i think he’s asking for more funds……

  • lucy nora

    i have never seen anyone who has benefited from this broker company. why are they asking for more funds after depositing 250 dollars

    • admin

      for the best results you should look into our recommended section and register there, regulations is not everything

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