Cryptotrader review. What is it? The real way to earn or a big scam?

Is it possible to earn on Cryptotrader or is it a scam?

Did cryptocurrency make many millionaires? Is it really possible, or is it just luck? A platform for trading cryptocurrencies earned a lot of popularity. But many of them use hype to deceive people, not to get them an opportunity to earn. That’s why we decided to make a review on Cryptotrader.

According to CNN, young people are most at risk of losing money. This is because they are more passionate about the topic of easy earnings. At the same time, the adult generation is better aware of the possible risks, as the cryptocurrency is an intangible asset, and it is never possible to predict how this will turn out. In this article, we will answer the main questions: Is CryptoTrader legit? And can you trust him?

About Cryptotrader

CryptoTrader is a trading platform that offers 125-800% of the total profit for 1-5-16 days of the Deposit. According to the legend from the official website, the asset works in the field of Finance and cryptocurrency, its start came on 15.12.2017. Development started quietly, and with just one payment system, later updated, offering investors a good income in a short time.

Marketing of the project consists of many fast plans, you can earn from 125% to 800% of the total profit for 1-5-16 days, profit accrual is at the end of the term, the body of the Deposit is included in the payment. Each tariff has an additional gradation of sub plans, so the exact percentage of earnings will depend on the amount of the Deposit, respectively, the more it is, the higher the percentage.

The minimum available Deposit is $ 20. But, as on other similar platforms, different amounts of investment are available. The most common of them – the average Deposit – $ 200.

There are various Deposit bonuses for new users. The most important advantage is the presence of a trading bot, which without your participation can make a profit from sales. One main condition for its successful operation is the correct configuration.

But as stated on the site, even beginners in the field of investment can make money on this platform. The market of various strategies and high technology – that’s what the principle of the site. Next, let’s take a closer look at these functions.

Principle of operation

In general, the principle of operation is no different from many similar platforms. As a rule, on such exchanges, there are standard Fundamental Principles of Trading the Financial Markets.

However, the advertising promises 100% success while trading on the exchanges. In fact, no exchange can promise such a result, because it is basically impossible. Any action on the exchanges is accompanied by considerable risk. Therefore, this promise was the first factor that caused some doubts about the reliability of this service. On the one hand, such a statement can be easily considered as a publicity stunt, and advertising is never honest.

In many CryptoTrader reviews, many users spoke positively about the work of the platform. But over time, when the main wave of hype passed, users began to realize that they were faced with scams, and began to complain about delays in payments.


One of the key indicators that should alert you the most is the anonymity of the site. Users should always have the contact details of the company that offers any services.

There is no possible data on the CryptoTrader website. That is, if you have any difficulties when working on the platform or other issues, you will not have an opportunity to solve them.

Another alarming fact – there is no information about the regulation of this site. That is, the owners of the platform can control all processes at their discretion, without relying on any laws.

Of course, everyone understands that the availability of security guarantees is the most important factor in investing. And the absence of any regulations is not the best prospect when investing money.

The close of trading?

In the course of work on CryptoTrader review on a variety of sites, it turned out that the company suspended payments on November 20, 2018. After that, none of the depositors could return their funds invested on this platform.

It is very strange that after the termination of payments on the site, as usual, registration was available for new users who were unaware of anything continued to make deposits. Perhaps there is no need to explain what happened next.

Therefore, it is better to work only with platforms that can fully ensure your financial security, and eliminate any risks associated with the fraud. To do this, you need to choose only those sites and brokerage companies that have a special license for the provision of financial services.

It is also better to understand the basic principles of trading on exchanges, so that no loud advertising could confuse you, and that you understand all the difficulties and risks associated with investing.


We strongly recommend that you do not work with CryptoTrader 2019. This time we also managed to prove the dishonesty and fraud of the company, and we hope that this article will help you to avoid losses.

In fact, the problem of fraud with cryptocurrencies is important, according to The Guardian losses are calculated in millions of dollars, approximately 37 million (27 million pounds). Therefore, in order not to be among the deceived investors, you need to be extremely careful and extremely cautious.

So, as it became clear, CryptoTrader scam does not deserve the attention of a potential client.

In truth, there are no universal means to recognize scammers. Therefore, you should not immediately invest large sums on unfamiliar sites or brokerage companies.

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