CT Trade – Second life for Vospari

About CT Trade

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you the binary options broker CT Trade that was opened in January 2017 in London. And it`s not a surprise cause almost all broker scammers are “registered” either England or Cyprus or Seychelles, all in all, any place where the law of CIS countries can`t get them.

Here is a link of its official website: https://ct-trade.com/. Their site is currently available in two languages: Russian and English, obviously, this broker is not expecting to rob speakers of other languages.

CT Trade, what is your real name?

In turn, CT Trade is a reincarnation of infamous Vospari, which recently have cleaned traders out from all CIS. The rebranding was made only with one goal to trap new victims. Vospari talks only to those who have never used the internet. Of course, the name and design of the project were changed; however, affiliate program remained the same, which means the user will be redirected from Ct Trade website to Vospari.

Trade conditions

Maximum return of underlying transactions equal to 85%, meanwhile, traders need to take into account that not for all investment assets will be offered such conditions. CT Trade offers for its own clients 86 different assets. A trader can choose from 25 currency pairs, 5 tradable assets, 14 trade indices and also 42 equity world’s largest companies.

Types of Accounts

There are different types of accounts, which determined by the amount of initial deposit. Take off account will be opened with a deposit of 210$. And the most “cool” – VIP account, you will get it if you deposit amount is more than 10 000$. In this case, all services will be available for the trader, including personal analyst, the highest percentage of rates, the operational speed of processing request for the payment, etc. When you pass registration, you get free demo account in 1 000$.

Features of trading platform

The trading platform greatly differs from another broker platform with usability and maintainability, it doesn`t have any advantages. Moreover, it has meagre functionality. In particular, the trader will have only 2 indicators technical analysis: RSI и SMA. For advanced traders, such trading platform, clearly, shows up very limited.

CT Trade License

To determine if this is a legitimate broker, one thing needs to be checked – the broker’s license from CySec or ASIC. The official resource is regulated by Citibank, but pay attention to the block on their website “Calculate your potential profit”. The financial regulators (the same CySec) prohibit setting such things for brokers because inexperienced traders are misleading. That`s why Ct Trade doesn’t have a license.


Project Ct Trade, as any broker, is a double fake to hustle people for money out. The chance to lose money is 100%. Actually, without economic education, you should not try to earn money in the stock market.

In summary, the broker is under consideration, not appears to be a reliable company that we can recommend you to cooperate. In other words, if you decide to trade, you are going at your own risk.

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