Digital Payday – We Uncover a Real SCAM! An Honest Review

New options appear daily within the trading software sector that try to convince us to use them, but it is not always advisable to do so.

Today we will focus on Digital Payday, a service that may sound like its appearance and cheerful, although in reality it is a copy of some scam already known that we have had the opportunity to assess.

In other words, its creators only re-launch their scam by changing the name and web domain and thus try to rip off a few users every time their software is back in circulation.

Sometimes they do not even change the name, only the web address in which it is, so it is recommended that we remember that Digital Payday is a scam without further ado.

It’s a Trap!

If trading software specialized in the bitcoin sector starts telling us that if we use it we will be able to earn $5000 dollars per day, we can already imagine that everything they tell us is a lie.

In the financial market you always have to have a clear mind to be able to see the scams and to discover what those obvious threats are before they leave you empty.

In the case of Digital Payday scam software, they promise us $5000 and they fill our heads with dreams and fantasies that we are supposed to be able to fulfill in a few days if we start using their software.

The Digital Payday scam is a platform that makes jump all the alarms of those who work to sort out the financial world of scams related to cryptocurrencies.

The first thing is, as we said, the false promise that we will earn a lot of money for every hour we invest in the program.

What Digital Payday has to offer?

Or rather, what do you intend to offer? The core of the platform, the smoke that we sell, is that we can enjoy a platform and earn a lot of money.

To make for us those $5000 dollars per day, which in a few days will make us rich we will use the complex software algorithm that will do practically all the work for us.

The letter of presentation of the software are represented in videos in which it is explained how the program works in a totally ambiguous way.

The reality is that they make videos that do not contribute anything, mere stuffing destined to wash our heads and to think “this is cool, it’s definitely not a scam”.

Basically, these videos are working on “more information is less information” model. It does not even delve into the characteristics of the software or its nature, simply explaining that it is a program that works with an advanced algorithm that is capable of making users earn money.

Of course, all this is a trap that tries to lead us to lose money. That’s why we do not want you to fall into their networks.

The software theoretically automates operations and guarantees a winning percentage of 94.3%, which is impossible and there is no such program that can do such calculations, given that the figures depend on many factors.

In our review, Digital Payday is a system that makes internal equations and that is able to find out everything in that way.

Nobody believes that anymore. At least try to sell us the software for $ 20 so that everything seems more trustworthy and we end up losing little money in the process for having been victims of the scam.

However, they try to go to sack saying that everyone who uses their free program will earn $5000 per day.

So incredible that obviously it is a very coarse lie.

And who created Digital Payday?

One of the things that we like most about scam pages are those templates that are usually published to gain our trust where you can learn about the creators, in case of Digital Payday scam software, his name is Daniel Bluth.

That’s where we see the people behind the software, the supposed geniuses who have created the system and who accumulate years and years of experience.

Obviously, all the profiles that appear in this section are fake people. The photos again correspond to stock images, so do not be surprised to see these guys in the photo frames sold in the decoration stores.

They are fake people that we would not even be surprised if they had been portraits created by computer with some type of program, with one that really works, not like Digital Payday.

The stories that accompany the profiles of the geniuses that have created the platform are the best.

Final thoughts and recommendations

If there are still doubts about whether this software is real, we just have to keep looking at the rest of the information that is inside the web.

The first thing is to look at the name of the company and the absence of specific details of it.

Any real entity that has behind it certain background has information published on the network, references … some type of article or detail that helps prove that it is something real.

But in the case of Digital Payday, which is the company that hides behind this software, there is nothing at all. It is a ghost entity, a company that cannot be traced and that does not provide any kind of guarantee.

This only increases our doubts about the legality of the platform, which cannot be trusted under any of the concepts.

To have even more proof that there is something wrong here; take a look at a specific picture that can be seen on the web.

It is supposed to show one of the presentation congresses in which the software has been given prominence with dozens of guests listening attentively for everything it offers.

With a little research you can discover that the photo in question, the same, identical, has been stolen from another page and passed by Photoshop to change what can be seen on the projector screen.

It is a pity that this type of scams continues to exist and that they try to steal the money that we have so hard to earn. It is unfortunate and we should be very careful so that Digital Payday scam software does not continue extending its networks.

But be careful, because the modus operandi of its creators implies that the software will continue to rotate for an infinite time with different names and domains. Unfortunately, its creators do not give up.

If you are looking for a good alternative to Digital Payday, we can offer you the Tools Trades signal system. This program will not make you instantly rich, but it could help you with cryptocurrency experience. This software works with a built-in statistical algorithm that will make accurate calculations with notifications for you so you can stay in touch with the market and make the best bets at the right time.


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