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Scammers usually use many tricks in their projects to attract users’ attention and cheat them. We will check project DreamProfitsApp for these features.

Let’s look at their website.

It is a simple one-paged website made in very bright colors – it is the first sign of a scam project. The purpose of bright colors are colorful pictures is attracting user’s attention to their system.

At the very top of the page, there is a title, that promises you easy profits over 150000$ a month. It helps scammers convince users, that profit is guaranteed at their project. Remember, no such projects exist and one will guarantee you huge money for nothing. Only scammers promise enormous sums of money.

Right under the inscription, there is a video, brightly describing DreamProfitsApp. This video again guarantees you profit, promises, that you will become a millionaire. In the video is said, that you just need to pay for this project and they will make an enormous per cent. It again makes users join their scam and lose their money. We can make a conclusion, that it is a fully advertising video and made just to mislead users.

Right near the video, there is a registration block. It is also made in big buttons and bright colors. The DreamProfitsApp website makes the registration maximally simple – just your name and email. Scammers want you to register as fast as you can without reading any information about the program, even without knowing how it works. Such trick helps scammers make your decisions on the spot.

After the registration scammers get your email and now tons of spam will be sent to your email. Also, scammers ask you to pay some money to join the project. Since you did it, you are cheated and your money now belongs to the scammer and you won’t get anything from the scammer.

Under the registration block on their website go some kind of legend. This block is also made very colorfully to attract much attention. It is a kind of “handwritten” letter, that describes the owner of the website. If we try to check this man, we won’t find him anywhere, that is why we make a conclusion, that he is a scammer.

Near this letter, there is a picture of a bundle of money. This is also a scammer’ trick, used to convince you, that profit is guaranteed.

On the first page of the website, there is also a popup window, which tells, that someone is getting their profit this minute. It is one of the most popular tricks of scammers. All these names, their profit and other results are completely fake. This popup window appears every 10 seconds, but they don’t mean anything. Their purpose is again to convince people, that they will earn money at this project.

Lower the letter there is a description of how the project works.

This description says, that DreamProfitsApp uses some super-innovative technology in trading. With the help of this technology, projects make huge profits at Forex stock exchange. All the aim of this description is to say, that this project has some secret techniques for extremely profitable trading. However, there are no proofs about their trading program. We can’t know if this program really exists or it is just a scam project.

Also, we are unable to see the program code of DreamProfitsApp. If owners of the project promise us huge profits with little investments, they should make a contract of performing a trading activity with the user. As they can’t give any proofs, except what is written in this block, we can say, that DreamProfitsApp has one more feature of scammers.

All serious, real and honest trading projects have special licenses, that give them permission to perform the trading activity. And the very first sign of a scam is the absence of any licenses or other approving documents. Why should users trust a project, that promises you enormous profits if there are no proved licenses or any other proofs? Without special licenses, we can say, that it is a scam at all 100%.

Also at the website, there are no contacts to the owners of company or website – neither address nor email. We can say, that the owner is hiding behind some man from the legend and if you try to get your money back from him, you won’t be able to do it without any contacts

All reasons to call DreamProfitsApp a scam

Looking at their website, legends and other factors we can say, that this project is a scam for the following reasons:

  • Very bright colours and big colourful buttons on the website to attract attention;
  • Promises of huge profits on the page, in the video, in the pictures of bundles of money;
  • Advertising video, telling nothing important about the project;
  • Simple fake legend of a man, who created DreamProfitsApp;
  • Description of some kind of super-innovative technologies, that bring an astonishing profit in a very short time;
  • The website makes you register as fast as you can, make decisions on the spot;
  • After the registration you have to pay to join the projects, this is when your money goes to scammer;
  • Popup windows, telling about people, who earned huge money right at this moment;
  • The complete absence of licenses or other proving documents;
  • No official contacts on the website.

Considering all these factors, we make a conclusion, that DreamProfitsApp is, of course, a scammers’ project.

Conclusion and recommendations

With the help of this review, we want to warn you from using scammers’ projects like DreamProfitsApp. Almost all such programs have one and the same features. All their purpose is to deprive you of your hard-earned money.

However not all trading systems are fake and scammers. Honest trading projects really exist and we can tell you about one of them. We can advise you to use Signals Trades is not a scam project like DreamProfitsApp, it’s a legitimate and approved trading program that is transparent to its users. It provides its users with highly qualified and precise trading signals, that can help you improve your trading success. Using the recommended Signals Trade you can have complete control over your investments and retain the right to make investment decisions.


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