Dubai Lifestyle app review. Live like the high rollers

If you’re one of those people who want to make money online, you’ve probably heard of online trading systems. There’re so many of them and they appear one after another every day. People get lost because nobody knows who is trustful and really effective. In this review we’ll investigate one of such software, it’s called “Dubai Lifestyle”. Is this name familiar to you? We hope you’ve never wanted to invest your salary there because it’s a scam. Spend just about 5 minutes reading this article and save your money from stealing.
Dubai Lifestyle is a trading system connected with binary options created by Scott Hathaway. On the main page, it’s said that only 100 people can try it and there’s an opportunity to become one of them. There’re a lot of advantages from the first sight. Access is free, just leave your e-mail and name. They promise users to reach a point at $7 000 daily, just try to imagine how much can you gain with them in a year! There’re only positive reviews on the page, but are they real? We’ll show to everybody some proofs which we’ve found why Dubai Lifestyle is a scam.


First of all, let’s investigate who is Scott Hathaway, who is said to be a founder. In a promotional video, he tells us a story of his life, how he moved from Iowa with only $500 to Dubai and started to earn money on online trading. If we use a simple Google search, we’ll find that there’s no Scott Hathaway, but just a stolen picture from another website.


Then, pay your attention to one more important detail. There’s a big testimonial section if we scroll a little bit down. Every comment rates Dubai Lifestyle with 4 or 5 stars and people say how much money they gained and how happy they are. After reading the first point you should have already guessed what I’ll say. Yes, you’re absolutely right – all reviews are artificial and you shouldn’t believe in any word written there. It’s not only about the written reviews, but all people from the video are paid actors too. You should understand that there’re so many people who make money online with the help of webcam making such videos.
Moreover, it’s said that people don’t need to invest any money when it’s only a beginning. The truth is that you’ll have to pay a deposit at least $250 and then there’ll be an option to turn on or turn off the auto trading robot, which can connect you only with an unregulated trader. Such software is very dangerous to use because you have no guarantees to win money, they will never return to you. It contradicts to a 99% percent accuracy which is promised to us.
Let’s make some conclusion and remember why you should stay away from Dubai Lifestyle and never invest your money in this auto-trading system:
– The creator is fictional, he’s just a stolen picture from the Internet.
– All reviews in a testimonial section are made up, there’s no truth there.
– People from a promotional video are paid actors, who play their roles only.
– Signing up is really free, but if you want to start making money you should make a deposit.
– Brokers are unregulated, the accuracy is fictional too.
If you are still interested in making money online, of course, not using Dubai Lifestyle, we have a recommendation for you.  Our recommended Signals Trading System  is a system you can trust, it’s 100% not a scam and you won’t be disappointed about losing your money.

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