Earn chain – what is it? An innovational project or a scam?

Earn Chain is a project, that, as said on their website, helps people gain money through using cryptocurrencies. The project has several features of scam, that is why we are going to check it’s honesty.

Website review

To start the checkout of the project, we should look at the website of Earn Chain. It consists of one page and is made in very bright colours.

Using bright colours and big bright buttons is a sign, which means, that the projects want to attract the maximal attention of users. Sometimes scammers use such trick.

In the upper part of the page, we can see notes, written in giant letters. These notes say, that cryptocurrencies can make someone rich, which is partly true. However promising being rich right on top of the main page can be a psychological trick, that tries to convince users, that money is guaranteed. The project promises wealth from the very beginning, even without explaining what the project is. In these notes also mentioned famous rich people – Bill Gates and Richard Branson. It is also a psychological trick, that makes users subconsciously fell rich and faster join the project.



Lower there is a video. Usually, such videos are put in the upper part of the website to tell briefly about the project. Here this video show shortcuts of interviews with rich people and millionaires. Wealthy people tell their opinion about cryptocurrencies and all points of view in this video are positive. If you check the video more detailed, you can see, that millionaires tell about cryptocurrencies themselves, but not about any projects, connected with cryptocurrencies. There are many scammers in the crypto-trading sphere and in this project this video is used again to convince users, that they necessarily are going to become millionaires.

To the right of the video, there is a registration block. It is made in bright colours with big fields. There are five fields – full name in two, country, email and password. Rather short registration block. If you check official financial websites, like stock exchange brokers, you would see, that there the registration includes tens of fields, from a number of the telephone to the photo of a passport. Looking at this registration, we can say, that this project is not interested in serious registration. What’s more, after the registration the user has to pay to join the project. This is where we completely understood, that it is a scam. No such projects exist, that promise enormous profit, but on condition the user pays.

After video and registration blocks there is a list of signs if several companies and a short description of what happens after you join the project.

If we look more attentively, we see, that signs of companies are nothing more, than simple pictures. In fact, they do not mean anything because any website is able to put these pictures and say, that it works with these companies. Names of them are world-known, that is why owners of Earn Chain put them to the first page. They want to convince users, that project works with famous companies and they should trust it. It is a new sigh of scam.

Under pictures of signs, there is a short description, that in fact doesn’t describe anything. However, this text promises to make money through the laptop with just a few minutes of work every day. Description neither describes how it works, nor tell anything about regulation, but it again promises wealth. It’s another feature of scammers.

Under this useless description, there are three blocks, telling about technologies and great results. Telling about some “super” technology is a popular trick of scammers. They often say that they own some kind of innovation, that is able to easily make money through trading. Also, this part of the website again promises “winning” results without telling where these results come from – a sign of a scam.

After the block with useless description, there is a part with reviews from “users”.

But are these users real people? We think no. Showing review on the first page is also a popular trick of scammers. If we try to find these people anywhere else, we won’t find them. Also, the note on top of this block again tells about a luxurious lifestyle after you join the project. In fact, all these people are fake and such reviews are always written by owners of the project to make an illusion, that Earn Chain is used by many people and users can trust it.

After the block with fake reviews goes a block with a simple algorithm, of “how to become rich”.



The algorithm is very simple and all its purpose is again to attract users’ attention and convince them in guaranteed profit. Look at the second step – it asks you to fund your account, this is where scammers get their profit. When you send your money to the account deposit, they automatically go to scammers’ wallet.

In the lowest part of the website, there is a block with frequently asked questions.

However this website doesn’t have any back contacts and no one can ask questions, Earn Chain has frequently asked questions. If you read questions and answers, you can understand, that only purpose of them is again to make users sure, that they get their money. Such frequently asked questions is a big sign of scam project.

We have checked the website in details and we haven’t found any signs of licenses or other regulatory documents. It means, that the project performs it’s activity illegally and no one should trust such a financial project.

Conclusion and honest project

We found out, that Earn Chain is a scam 100% for many reasons. We prevent you from working with it because right after you pay to the Earn Chain, your money will be a scammer and you won’t get anything in return. Also, you won’t be able to get your money back from scammer because there is even no back address of owners.



However, not all financial projects are scammers. We can advise you to try Signals Trades. It is a licensed financial project, that is completely legal. With using Signals Trades you have a complete control over your investments and you are able to do with it anything you need.


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