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Welcome to our Elite Deal Club review. It is a trading platform that is characterized by incorporating social trading to improve the trading experience of its users. With this broker user can trade Forex and with CFDs to trade with cryptocurrencies and he will have multiple tools at his disposal.
As for the broker, it was launched in 2012 and has the regulation of CySEC.

How to register in Elite Deal Club?

If you are interested in participating with this broker, you only have to join by clicking on ‘Register’. You will have the option to register in the traditional way by completing a form or accessing through social networks (Facebook, Google+).
For the standard registration you will be asked for the following information: full name, email address and password and a mobile phone. When you accept the terms of use and the privacy policy, click on ‘Start now’ to complete the registration.
When you have your account you can start trading as soon as you make a first deposit.
In Elite Deal Club the minimum required is 250 dollars.

What trading platforms do they offer?

In Elite Deal Club you will have at your disposal different trading platforms so you can choose the one with which you feel most comfortable. You can choose between the Social Trading Web platform, the investment applications for iOS and Android mobile devices and Meta Trader 4.
This social trading web platform is specially designed to integrate the different analysis tools and you can perform operations with total comfort.
Also, being web-based you will not need to download any software, so you will save time.
Platform features include: free commercial signals, technical indicators, market status, free real-time market alerts, social sources and one-click operations.
If you need to operate at any time and from anywhere in Elite Deal Club you will also be offered the possibility of using one of its compatible mobile applications with any device.
In addition, this platform offers the same features that you will find in the web version of Elite Deal Club, so you can keep up with your operations without any problems.
As a last resort, we will highlight the possibility offered by Elite Deal Club to access the trading platform of MetaTrader 4. It is one of the most popular in the market, and thanks to MT4 it is possible to improve the trading experience much more, and, As is logical, obtain better results in the negotiations.
The MT4 software offers advanced technical analysis and also allows operators to make use of automated trading systems.
For those who do not have much experience or do not have as much time as they would like, a self-trading robot is very helpful.

What does it offer?

  • As we mentioned at the beginning, Elite Deal Club is a broker through which we can trade in the Forex market and with CFDs. To operate, we will have at our disposal a wide range of currencies, stocks, commodities and stock indices.
  • As regards operations, Elite Deal Club automated cryptocurrency trading platform is quite intuitive, so there should not be any problems at the time of trading.
  • At all times we will have the information of what happens in the markets and thanks to the price charts we can control much better the trends of the different assets.
  • Also, we can not forget the large number of tools that the broker will make available to us and that we can use whenever we want or need it.
  • On the other hand, one of the advantages of Elite Deal Club is precisely social trading. And is that in addition to being able to observe the movements of other operators we can also choose to copy them.
  • To do this, you will simply have to review the profiles of the different users and when someone convinces you click on the ‘Copy’ button to begin to follow and copy all the movements that the operator in question performs on the trading platform.

What market tools are there?

As we mentioned before, in order to operate successfully it is important to have the right tools, so next we will see what is the offer of tools offered by Elite Deal Club investment apps.
As useful market tools we have the financial calendar, in which we can have in an organized way the different events that may affect the markets.
On the other hand, and to keep us informed, we will have at our disposal all market quotes, both for the Forex market and CFDs.
And, in addition to that, sources of financial news so that we can be up to date with everything that happens in the markets.

What can we learn from Elite Deal Club?

Within brokers it is quite common to find learning resources, and in the case of Elite Deal Club we will find the following: webinars, training academy, news and analysis, glossary on the Forex market and frequently asked questions.
For any frequent questions, it is important to review the FAQ before contacting the support team, as most of the time these types of questions are resolved.
In terms of learning resources, Elite Deal Club can be one of the best Forex broker offers web seminars to which you can sign up to increase your knowledge of online trading. In addition, you will have access to news and market analysis to further improve your investment experience.
On the other hand, the glossary of terms will help you if you are starting, but to learn more we recommend that you take a look at the training academy.

How to make deposits and withdraws?

To make a deposit in Elite Deal Club we have already seen that the minimum amount required is 250 dollars. In terms of deposit methods we have two options available: make the payment using a credit or debit card or through bank transfer.
To withdraw the benefits, the methods will be the same, cards and transfer. Besides that, it should be noted that one of the drawbacks of Elite Deal Club automated bitcoin trading system is that it applies a commission for the withdrawal of funds, so the interesting thing would be to accumulate more profits and withdraw them at once.
In the same way, it would be convenient not to withdraw all the benefits of the account and reinvest part of these profits to avoid making deposits in the account. But hey, that depends on each one, and how you like to manage your money for investments.

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