Epix Trader review

Being one of those people who want to make money online it’s possible to come across new auto-trading robots and systems. The number of websites which provides newcomers with information about effective ways to invest your money is increasing permanently. Have you heard anything about Epix Trader? Hope, you see this name for the first time, because it’s a real scam and we’ll explain why. Reading this review you have a chance to avoid some unpleasant consequences, which will appear after involving into trading with Epix Trader.

Let’s, first of all, analyze how this system works and what creators promise us. If we watch a promoting video on the main page, we’ll hear a beautiful story of a happy couple, who met at Boston University and then created Epix Trader. Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo present us a binary options trading app working on Forex software. Spouses tell us about three market conditions they monitor: best strike-rate, current trader sentiment, a combination of oscillator filters. The advantages of this software are following: it doesn’t need downloading, signing up is free and it based on Forex. But is it a real paradise for those who want to make money online? Absolutely no and now you’ll see all proofs.

  1. Mark Evans and Tina D’Angelo aren’t creators but just paid actors playing their roles. The real identity of this successful man from the video has been found – his real name is Andy Haftkowycz.

  1. If we investigate the software which is Epix Trader is based on we’ll see that it’s a 100% scam. People who’re standing behind this system use similar software with well-known scam apps. Examples are Tera App, Hydra App, and Fintech Profits. This robot is used by a lot of other trading systems which take money from unaware people.
  2. The testimonial section isn’t real. We don’t really know why such an obvious detail is left without creators’ attention, but all reviews were simply stolen from Auto Binary Signals. If I were you I would keep my ears open after it.

  1. Epix Trader software is somehow hidden from us, that’s why all statements about 78% ITM ratio on scalping and 80-95% without scalping indicators are just fairytales that actors try to convince us in.
  2. However signing up is really free, people should be ready to pay at least $250 for a start of using. It’s said that you can return the money when you want, but it’ll be better not to invest any money in such scam systems.
  3. Brokers aren’t regulated and you don’t suppose to which trader your money came to. They promise us to use Forex software, but then give your money to another binary options broker, for example, Plus Option. It means nobody has a guarantee of gaining money with Epix Trader.
  4. Has the country you live in a financial regulation? So then this software is illegal. For offering people trading signals, there is a need for having a license, because giving investment pieces of advice is a regulated activity.

To sum up all the mentioned information, let’s have a look at the proofs why The Epix Trader is a scam one more time:
– Creators in the video are paid actors.
– The software it’s based on is popular with other scam apps.
– Reviews are stolen.
– You need to pay money after the free signing up.
– Unregulated brokers.
– It’s based on illegal software.

Are you still enthusiastic about making money online? Then we recommend everyone to use The Cyber Host because it’s not a scam but the system you gain money with.

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