Exam our top list of Forex brokers 2019 to figure out which is worth attention and which to avoid at any cost

Year after year brokers make the competition to stand out by offering better services for their customers and potential customers, in this aspect you have to know how to choose the broker that best suits our needs and that is why in this post I will put at your disposal the best Brokers that you can use to make smart trading in the market during the 2019. Our main intention is to keep our readers informed about current tendencies and how to separate the wheat from the chaff in terms of binary options and Forex trading.

So, let’s jump right into our top 5 best Forex 2019!

Five Forex Brokers to use in 2019

Attention: First of all remember that in this post there are only brief reviews of these Brokers, in case you want more information visit the individual entries of each Broker or the entry of the one that interests you the most. Regarding the minimum deposits for the Trading accounts of these companies in the video related to this entry, this information is given and in case you want to expand it with more details we also invite you to visit the individual entries of each Broker, since if I say that around here I would be repeating the information.

#1 Libertex

In the first place we have Broker Libertex, this is an investment entity also known as Forex Club and is the best you can use in 2019, has hundreds of financial instruments and beyond that its investment platform is safe and intuitive. Libertex is a Broker that has been online since 1997 and since then has acquired a large number of customers thanks to its excellent services. When you hear about Forex Club you should automatically associate it with Libertex since that is the Broker through which they provide their services, if you have problems or doubts you can solve them at any time with the support of the Broker, you can easily communicate with them And in the process they will respond super fast.

The trading platform of this broker is 100% online, it also offers the possibility of being downloaded for desktop computers but most traders prefer to use it online, besides this is a platform designed by the company itself and according to them and what that I have tried on my own we can say that it is quite good and I assure you that you would like.

#2 HotForex

In the second position we have the Broker HotForex being this another excellent Broker to operate in the market, in another entry we recommend it as the best ECN Broker of its kind since its services, types of accounts and investment platforms are simply excellent and adapt to any Trader, apart from the fact that it accepts clients from all over the world.

HotForex is a company present in many countries and has regulation by several competent agencies worldwide, this in turn guarantees the security of its platform and allows people to trust them, besides this was awarded in 2018 as the best Broker for Latin America for “The International Business Magazine” and this suggests that by 2019 it will continue to be the best. For more in-depth information on this broker visit the entry “Have Trading with the HotForex Broker”, you may also be interested to know that HotForex is the cheapest Broker you can use to make Trading since some of your accounts do not charge commissions per lot standard to run, for more information visit the entry “Cheapest broker of 2019 – Trading without commissions”.


Talk to our partners if you are looking for a trustworthy Forex trader and avoid fraud net. One shot – two hits!


#3 Alpari

In the third place we have the Alpari Broker, another very popular Trading entity, in this post it is third but in the best Brokers ECN of 2019 it is second after HotForex that leads in the first place. Alpari adapts to the needs of any type of client because it offers multiple types of accounts and also makes available to its clients several trading platforms and among them, MT4 is available for almost all available accounts.

Alpari even offers an investment account that does not have a minimum deposit amount and customers can pay money to the account from just one USD. Remember that for more information on the types of accounts and minimum deposits in trading accounts you must visit the individual entry for this Broker “Alpari is a Forex Leader Online Broker”. On the other hand Alpari is very safe and proof of this are its regulations worldwide, beyond the fact that by 2019 they turn 20 years offering investment services, if you want to register in this Broker do it from here:

#4 XM

In the fourth position we have the Broker XM a very popular UK Trading entity since it is synonymous with security and trust and proof of them are its regulations, the number of countries where this Broker is present and the number of clients that have , it should be noted that its clientele grows exponentially month after month and this makes it a good broker, apart from its excellent services and offers a large number of financial assets with which to operate and this also influences that it is one of the best.

XM is a Broker that offers three types of accounts for your clients leaving out the demo demo, any of the three accounts you choose are very good but their characteristics are variable and it may be a specific one that suits you depending on the amount of money you use to make trading, in case you need complete information about this company visit the entry “XM Broker to trade in Forex” and to register once in XM do it from here:


In the fifth position we have the Broker Forex Time, a trading entity that opened its doors in 2014 and since then it has provided an excellent investment service in the market and you may like it since this insurance broker will adapt to your needs. FXTM may not be very popular all over the world but it is growing rapidly and surely in a few years it will be one of the market leaders.

FXTM offers different types of accounts and each of them adapts to the needs of each type of investor according to the pattern and characteristics that are sought when trading, such as leverage, spreads, type of execution, etc.

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