Fintech LTD Review: is the tech legit ?

Looks like we’ve faced another get-rich-quickly scheme for people who easily fall in love with the idea of quick money. Unfortunately, there is no such thing like easy money, despite the fact that such opportunities existing, there is no way possible to get easy money on a daily basis. If you are wondering about what the title means, you can just watch the video they prepared for you.  Prepare to instant choke when you’ll see the lady trying to clap.

What does it mean? This means that this video basically is a fake actor casting. Looks like our mentioned lady is figuring out when to clap so desperately that it is impossible to not laugh. Well, enough with the fun part, let’s talk seriously. We’re facing the service, or another robot claiming that it can bring a pile of money for you. Sounds too easy to be the truth, and honestly, this system won’t make any penny for you, due to the fact that people who run this system are scammers.

You are free to think for yourself. However, you have to spent only 7 minutes on this article and discover a way in and a way out. It’s not too difficult, though.

Fintech LTD – Let’s figure it out

We prepared a few simple proofs that Fintech LTD is a scam software. Let’s start with the most obvious one!

Bad reviews

If you see something that is posted publicly, you know that it is a fair source of information. In our case, it is true as well. It is much easier to make a new company profile and post bad reviews about different firms, instead of proving that your company is better. This helps achieve two things; the first thing – a company like FinTech LTD assures that their review is written by people who care about you, the second thing – they basically discredit their competitors on the market. That’s how you starting to trust their recommendations and use their software. Obviously, you shouldn’t know that you’re dealing with the real scam.

Stack photos and scam label

There are a lot of review sites that use stock photos on forex alike websites and different online trading systems. Such photos are only showing that this software is a complete scam. But what about well recognized, global companies that using stock photos as well in order to promote their business. Such an approach is more cost-effective than making your own photoshoot. Fintech LTD and other scam companies posting stock pictures and videos that are obviously fictitious in order to hide their real faces from you.

Fantastic rates of return

Another point that can represent the fraudulent nature of such software is the numbers they offer to you.  They’re promising to return thousands of dollars every time, but it’s barely the truth. Investing is not that simple, and it’s a risky business. Even time-tested software programs can’t predict the results each time. Many people calling this system a scam, because they didn’t get promised amount of money. Once again: most likely it is impossible to set in stone the rate of return because you are dealing with a huge number of variables that affect the result.

Fake CEO

As it goes, the CEO of FinTech LTD is the “Daniel Roberts” had a story where one of his employees Ben got into financial trouble and defaulted on his mortgage installment. Apparently, he realized that his skills are fit well in the stock market, and that’s when they decide to develop the software that comes without transparency at all. You can only see the broker that has been assigned, the message section, where you can manage your account before you even get in touch and see the software.


These people have a tricky idea of not to mention their real faces and names, so they can do the crime without the judgment day. But they are wrong. Moving a little bit forward, if you don’t have any experience and you are under some kind of misconception about how to use such strategies like scalping or perform technical analysis, you can click this bate and lose your money because people with experience in such business will recognize this scam from half-look.

Is Fintech Limited free?

Not at all. You have to pay at least $250 at Fintech Limited and there is no way you can revenue this money because they are going directly to the broker. Basically, that is how they making money. The main goal – is to design a good wrapper for their scam project, share it as widely as possible and wait for careless user who wants to make quick money. This story is as old as time. Remember that you should look for a proof by any licensed authority that the trade system you are looking for is not a fraud. Systems like “Tool Trades” are transparent and you can find proofs of that transparency without an effort. In other case you can just lose your money and forget about the revenue.

The bottom line


Fintech Limited software, application, and auto-trader system along with so-called CEO “Daniel Roberts” are obvious binary options investment scam. There is no single proof that you’ll get the revenue from your investment. We want to warn our users to stay away from Fintech Limited Software by any means. You should always analyze and read about any system that wants your money first. Never trust people who hiding their face behind the scene.

Alternatives to Fintech Limited

Let’s talk about some serious alternatives. In our opinion, there are a lot of fair systems, for example, you can check out the Tool Trades system. This system will not make you rich instantly, but at least It can really help on your way to success! Tool Trades system performs accurate statistical calculations and it’s based on a serious algorithm. Consider it as you own financial organizer or a simple assistant with signal notification feature.

We hope that this article helped you to avoid this scam system and saved your hard earned money. The web is filled with hundreds of fake binary options, real estate and other “companies” that are nothing less than a bunch of scammers. If you find this article helpful – share it with your friends and leave a comment, if you think that we missed some point. That’s pretty much it for today, stay with us for new updates and reviews.


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