Fintech Start-up Wars – a countdown of the most interesting companies

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And here now we would like to introduce you to some very successful financial start-ups of this year to look at. So maybe you will find your company to invest in right here.

Our best of the best start-ups in Financial Technologies for this year

There are a lot of interesting and young companies on the web that is supporting modern Finance system and here are some of them. We do find them a lot more curious than the others:


This startup has shown itself as a successful one. And we can see that on the constant increasing of their value on the market from the year, they were founded – 2011. The company is responsible for transferring currencies all over the world. They are expanding quickly, as the conditions they offer are much more convenient than the ones from the banking system. Their main key to success is – they are providing a better exchange rate than the others. Plus, their creators have an experience of great web startup – it was Skype. So you can see that this company has been started by people who know the business well.


This awarded and well known in Europe online startup has a lot to offer. Their feature is online banking. They bravely get rid of the physical banks and give their clients the opportunity to have only online accounts. Their philosophy was very simple – why do they need all this paperwork and hidden fees, while they can just improve the online banking system; and the clients are very happy with the result they’ve been getting. The company was founded in 2015 and has reached great height since then.


Nutmeg is one of the examples of the investment management companies that really stand for its clients. It has been founded in 2011, but the significant growth of its client base has been noticed this year only. The reason is that the company has changed its strategy to something new. They are now making their approach very personalized to every client. The team is working alongside their clients all the time and their support system is quite strong. They are also making clear to everyone all the possible risks before people invest. And also they have a very low entering price. So those examples of flexibility and new approach really bringing Nutmeg up.


This startup is one more of the online banking companies. So what is making it so special? They have few very reasonable policies that make them very attractive to clients. First They have a very easy entering process. And the second thing – they are focusing on their longtime clients, s their service is always great. The company is not so new, but its growth has no tendency I stopping.


One more interesting startup for those who appreciate their time and do not want to waste it for using a lot of apps for financial operations. Cleo offers their clients to watch their finances through Facebook Messenger. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time. Besides, this allows you to see your financial report through the messenger are from here plan the budgets better.


This Swiss company is very young but very fast moving startup. It has a lot to offer to the financial world. This company has the latest updates on the transfer rates and exchange rates of all the banks. It does offer daily updates and you can choose the transfer company you need according to them. Their database is significant and has a right to be called the largest in the world. This company is working to both sides – clients and the transfer agents in order for them to have the information on the best transfer rates available,


If you are interested in trading and in Cryptocurrencies in particular, this company will provide you with a great service. It is a blockchain universe with access only for the clients that can see the blockchain activity. In some of the companies nowadays the blockchain systems are still not visible. In Proxeus you will be able to use blockchain and take advantage of it.


A very useful startup with a new and fresh idea that is working perfectly for those who are thinking of buying their own house or apartment. This company has created a system where they gather and analyses information regarding the mortgage conditions from the banks and help their customers to choose the better deal. Plus to this, they are supporting their clients afterwards and keep looking for the best credit deal for them.

What is coming up in the Fintech economical sector?

Now it is almost everywhere that we hear such words as Artificial Intellect, Blockchain and Crypto. No wonder that many people are asking the same question – What is going to be the prognoses for Fintech in 2019 and should I invest? We will try to give you some heads-up on this matter.

  1. The first trend is definitely growth of the Artificial intelligence technologies next year. The main trend is – they will become cheaper, and from here more available for the buyers. In regards of Fintech world, the AI will be focusing on fraud detection and money and trading analysis.
  2. The rules and regulations in the TFintech area are now coming to the stage. It is obvious that such systems as Blockchain need to be regulated. But there must be a line between strict regulations and innovations. Anyway, it will be good for everyone if in the coming year the regulators will finalize the system of rules that would make the Fintech system more solid and safe.
  3. The rise of mobile banking is tremendous this year and next year it is not going to stop. As the whole Fintech system has started with mobile applications, it will continue to grow. And the simplicity of mobile banking will be attracting more clients to use electronic money.
  4. Blockchain will be going up with their development. It already got the recognition from advanced market users, but by 2020 it is going to be known to everyone. It is saving people from a lot of paperwork and can become absolutely new pay-system very soon.

Hopefully, the list of latest trends in the Fintech universe will be useful for you and will give you an idea on your future investments. Of course, it takes much more than just a prediction to make a decision, but with your knowledge and experience, you can make the right decision.

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