Forex Maverick Trading System Review. Can you be the next Maverick?

As usual, we continue to check different trading systems. So, as we all know the main point of Forex is buying and selling currencies at the market, where all the currencies in the world are gathered in one place. The market is open every day and every night and so you are able to perform any financial activity anytime you want to. But it is not the one, united marked. There are lots of investors proposing their services to people, and to assure their system is the best one. But as there are so many good systems, there are lots of bad ones, which is reasonable and may be actually explained, since some people just want to make money with some dishonest ways. We should be very careful because in the last few years the number of such people grew rapidly and vividly.

Today we are going to talk about Forex Maverick System and we’ll also talk about advantages and disadvantages, risks and so on. We will examine the website and tell you the real information since we’ve tried to sign up and trade using this platform online. We are going to check if the system is a scammer and if it is speculative. Stay to hear some relevant info about the system.

The history of creation and the leader of the system

So, the site has it that the man named Frederick King was tired of his job, he quit and then decided to create a system (and he actually did it). He is establishing his own private trading firm and he hires some professional and expert people in the field of Forex and trading.

Review of the website and the proves of scamming system

First of all, the website has no actual information at all. It is only one page with the video, registration form and some information on the risks and regulation on the page bottom. It is not developed at all, although they claim to be at the marker for more than 7 years. Will anyone, having a good experience in the field, having “lots” of clients and being so successful, have a website (the face of the company) like that? Doubtfully.

The next strange factor we can name is that the system leader says it is the forex. But we were to look closer and see some details; we would see that Forex Maverick system uses, actually, binary software. It is quite confusing since they are not telling the truth from the first time. So, the Forex system has the platform of a binary trading system, really weird and not reliable start.

The third thing which is really strange – the system says they propose free 50 accounts for ordinary people, for them to become rich. It is highly noticeable that the system Is in a rush and wants to get the client in such a scam way. But even if you get this free account, you will have to pay a huge sum in the end.

The next proof that the system is the scam – just look at the leader of the so-called company. He claims to be a leader, but if we’re to put his name and Google it, we would not find that information. Instead, you will get hundreds of the result that this person is a scammer and just the representative of the system. If we continue to talk about Google and the company we are reweaving, the powerful search engine will give you the info about the registration status. So, the status of the Forex Maverick system is “does not exist”. Once again, isn’t a good and reliable thing.

Another proof is the reviews from the so-called clients in the video. The system says it is the best and they show the wonderful life in the video, people wearing rich suits, rich places and luxury atmosphere of these places. But it not the unusual thing for the scammers like this web – paying actors for their play. The main person in the video, talking about the system and sharing his own life and the changes in his life – Charles Newman – is not a trader at all. He is seen several times to encourage people of joining some trading systems, which are not credited and reliable. Should we trust the system if they hire the actors to play the script and look so happy because of the system?

Forex Maverick also names some huge sums and claims they make the rich people even richer. The only number, noticed in the video, is 20 million dollars. And they say they will help people to join the wealth without making any effort. I don’t think everything is so easy in this world. You can’t just register and get your money, for absolutely nothing.

We also checked the dates and the chronology. That Newman character says he joined this system 12 months ago, but we checked on the special website the appearance of this company and we found out, it was created just one month ago prior to the video and the reviews.

Giving the last proves, agree, if they really have such sums and money they are talking about, would they give them away so easily? It is like you have a million and you decided to hang them on some people for nothing. Nothing is free, and if something is free, they will give you the bill later.

If people would be more attentive to everything, they will notice a regulation note at the page bottom. They are just saying they are not reliable themselves. What can we add to this?

Another really strange thing is the video on the website, containing no information and just the staged gig with the actors with written and played script. Usually, when the people are promoting a product or the service, they will want to say the main information and not the unnecessary things like in this one.

The final decision and our recommendations

So, after the whole article with the proves and logical thought about the system Forex Maverick, we would definitely not recommend this service. It is a scam and it is not worth the waste of money and time. It is a really strange platform with many confusions, and lack of adequate information. Be attentive when you see the systems like this one because these people are just showing off.

But we have a good decision for you. If you want to start and try yourself in this field, we recommend you the Signals Trades which is reliable and you may totally depend on it. By taking control over your finances, be sure everything will be transparent and understandable to you.

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