GFC Investment Scam Review

GFC Investment can be called an honest broker… or a scammer?

Making a profit by trading currencies has become a real trend in the modern world. Probably, there is no one who has not heard about all kinds of exchanges and brokers. There is also a huge number of people who have tried to make money in this way. But, as can be understood, not many of them have succeeded. Why could this happen? Maybe it’s because of ignorance of the peculiarities of trading on the stock exchange, or just someone is not lucky enough. And many fell for the scammers and just lost their money.

Alas, there are actually a lot of scammers among brokers. But how to figure out them?

You can learn about it from various reviews in the network. And this time we present you GFC Investment review, from which you will learn whether to trust this broker or not.

GFC Investment is a trading company, like many others. But what is the main difference between this company and others? Let’s take a closer look at this trading company.

What is GFC Investment

GFC Investment positions itself as one of the Forex brokers. Forex is a quite well-known and reputable broker, so this “cooperation” initially inspire confidence. Of course, users pay attention to such seemingly insignificant details. But that’s the point. To attract the attention of the client with loud names and to inspire confidence is the main aim of all scam brokers. That’s what the marketing hook is. So, don’t trust all that is written on the main page of the site.

What GFC Investment offers its customers

GFC Investment 2018 encourages customers to start trading currencies on the exchange. For beginners in this field, the site offers a huge variety of training material that will allow you to get certain skills of doing business on the stock exchange, and thus earn money.

The broker works on the same principle as other companies. The user must register, it is absolutely free, to provide all your personal data. Only customers who have already reached the age of 18 can register on the exchange.

The registration procedure is quite simple and does not take more than 5-7 minutes. It’s a good feature because you don’t need to deal with the difficult verification process.

Types of accounts

It is a very common practice when a site offers users different types of accounts. All their difference lies in the number of available functions. Beginners can start with the simplest, the initial payment of which is only $250.

Further, users have access to accounts with a higher Deposit amount from $5,000 to $100,000.

As a rule, if you have not previously worked with a broker, you should not make too large investments in the hope that you can get more profit. Start with the minimum amount, and try to withdraw a certain amount. If everything is in order, you can safely continue to work with the broker.

Another advantage of this broker is that it works with a very wide range of currencies, including cryptocurrency. In addition to currencies, users can trade precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. Moreover, raw materials and various shares are also included in the range of trading broker GFC Investment.


We have researched the site in great detail. And we managed to find out one very interesting fact: the site does not have a license to provide broker services. In fact, the company is registered at an address that is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Is GFC Investment legit? No, the actions of the broker are not regulated in any way at the legislative level.

So, the license of this broker is not in any register, so the broker cannot be considered regulated. This disadvantage is essential, so if you have a question about the reliability of this broker, then after reading this review you should not have any doubts.

Cooperation with this broker will not bring you profit, and may even make you bankrupt.

The other disadvantages

For greater accuracy of our findings, we turned to numerous GFC Investment reviews of other users who also used the services of this company.

All the other shortcomings can be identified in several ways.

So, the so-called managers, whose duties include customer support, try in various ways to obtain data on Bank cards of customers. This is not an isolated case. Some even claimed cases where employees of the company with the help of a special program to display the screen under the pretext of “help” tried to get information about the Bank accounts of customers.

Some situations are more tragic. For example, one of the clients of this broker (on the advice of one of the support staff) invested large sums of money in the hope of getting a good profit. As a result, a man lost all his money, and now have to pay credits. Some in such situations tried to end with life.

What to do if caught in a trap

Maybe you are not lucky, and you have already invested a certain amount in the investment of such a broker. The only way out of this problem is to stop investing.

Of course, you can try to withdraw your money. But you are unlikely to succeed. Many users are faced with another significant problem with this site. Users cannot withdraw money from their account to a Bank account.

Of course, trading on the stock exchange is associated with risk. But you can only risk when you are 100% sure that the broker will give you your earned money.

Our recommendations

If we summarize all, we can say the following. When choosing a broker, first of all, you need to pay attention to the safety of working with the broker. It should fully ensure the security of your funds. But, judging by the fact that GFC Investment has no license, and no security you can not provide. GFC Investment is Scam and just offshore broker who is willing to cheat unsuspecting customers.

Before you invest, get as much information about the company and the broker with whom you intend to cooperate as possible. This will help to avoid many difficulties in the future.

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