Greenfields Capital Review

To choose a good broker the trader need to know and understand many things that usually are very difficult for newcomers and sometimes even for people who know something about trading. There are many scam brokers on the Internet and it is very important not to make mistake and choose the broker properly, otherwise, you can lose all your money. Our reviews help you to sort out, whom you can trust your money. Today we want to tell you about another impudent cheater.

About Greenfields Capital Website and their offers

The company specializes in the trading with Bitcoin and Forex market. Their website was created in 2017 and it works with Spot5 CFD trading platform. The minimum deposit for creating an account there is 250 dollars, and the minimum sum for trading is 5 dollars. The company offers material for education about different trading tools, market analysis and trading strategies, they have some books about trading on the Forex market and also they have a course for beginners, but all is not so good as it seems.

Terms of using Greenfields Capital broker

In the terms of using their website is written that the company can change their terms of using without notifying the user and this string raises many doubts about the company policy. Also, the company can remove a user’s account without any reason and explaining! They can increase the monthly fee if your account is inactive and they won’t warn you even! The traders can’t rely on the information that is provided by this website and it strictly points out about it in their terms of use! Also, there is written that their site is suitable only for professionals, but…It turns out that they don’t want to work with beginners, and what about their courses for them? We don’t think that after it somebody wants to work with them because these terms are absolutely not customer oriented.

Greenfields Capital Registration and legislation

On their website, there is information that this company is located in the Estonia, Tallinn. We examined this address on the Google maps and we can’t find a company with such a name there. Let’s go further. The phone number that written on their website points out that the company is located in the UK, but is it true? If the company has two offices, it needs to point out both addresses, otherwise, it looks very suspicious.

Now about legislation to trade. We contacted the broker managers and they told us that the company would get their registration number soon in the USA. All right, but why do they work right now? No one without registration is allowed to trade. This company doesn’t have any trading license right now. It means that you can’t trust them because they are not regulated by the government of any country.


We don’t recommend using this broker for trading. Greenfields Capital is not a licensed broker, so it will be better not to use them if you want to earn money by trading. This company can’t provide that they will not steal all your money and there were cases when people have lost big sums using this broker.

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