GT Accelerator Review – A Grant Thomas’ Scam Project

What is GTAccelerator? It is an investment system that was released by Grant Thomas and introduced to the worldwide trading community. It caught some attention, as well as a lot of fake reviews. This article is GTAccelerator review as well, but it is the review that is aimed to prove that this system is a scam.

Basically, it is automated robot (e.g. scam software). Its creators convince that you can get thousands and thousands of dollars while trading on their auto pilot. Let’s check some interesting facts before you dig in such fraudulent application.

GTAccelerator is represented as the automated trading application that comes with “extremely powerful artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithm which can provide an incomparable accuracy”. Sounds good, but the problem is that this application’s nature is similar to other fraud quick cash systems. Grant Thomas claims that you can generate massive amount of money on the daily basis, despite the fact that it’s not the truth. In fact we are dealing with greedy scammers behind the scenes, who expect you to sign in and share your money with unlicensed CFD, Crypto or Forex brokers. In case of GTAccelerator we deal with Prestige Financial Market, which is “proved”.

Why is GTAccelerator a scam? Some Details and Facts


Let’s talk about the registration area and sales page. The first thing that we can sort out is that Grant Thomas is net the CEO of this company, because the company is doesn’t exist. Yes, that’s right. We are dealing with a fake bank photo-model, whose picture is stolen from a photostock.

Let’s dig deeper. What happens after user sign up? It is interesting that customer is not warned that he is already in broker’s cashier section. Customer led to understand that he signing up for some kind of push-money application, but the reality is simpler: you just sign up for a broker you not familiar with.

Basically, we can see that this cheap talk about this “innovative” platform that can generate a great income in automotive mode is just a lie, aimed to captivate user’s imagination by selling him phony lies about easy life and that you can become the millionaire in shortest time.

What about so-called CEO Grant Thomas?

Let’s start with the fact that this person is not a software developer who decided to become a businessman. It is obvious that he knows nothing about trading. As he says, he designed some prototypes that can analyze competitors, and these prototypes based on magic predictive modeling. This is how GT Accelerator works.


 Forget About the Top Secret Project

If you visit the main site, the sales presentation will start immediately. It is classic: they say that you have a rare chance to earn a lot of money while chilling on Bahamas.  Then we are going to the world of fake reviews and sales pitches. So-called CEO claims that it took more than one year of hard coding, moreover, he did it manually with his own hands! What a hero. This code is a corporate secret which is shouldn’t be opened to anyone. Remember when we mentioned that there is no such person as Grant Thomas? We face a well-done tissue of lies, nothing more. He could said anything, it doesn’t matter anymore.

How does the GT Accelerator Works?

We already know that we are dealing with a system that uses “a specimen of the art in terms of machine learning and artificial intelligence software”, so we can generate over $10,000 on the daily basis.

“The Chosen Few”

If you are feel that somebody is manipulating you into something suspicious, and you’re not sure about what it is exactly, your fear is reasonable. Internet scammers can learn about your financial position, and people with portfolio at Goldman Sachs are not their audience. They are looking for financial insecure people without knowledge in the finance area, specifically in the online trading.

Is this platform Legit or Scam?

GTAccelerator basically deserves for a place in everyone’s blacklist. Such systems are not free, furthermore, it can cost over $250 and you get literally nothing for this money.

Fake Reviews

This software is basically rigged and obviously set to lose. One of our partners tried GTAccelerator. This system is basically a binary options market maker, so your loss eventually transforms in the broker’s gain. So the only people who make money are the brokers and promoters, who share your money between each other.

Alternative to GT Accelerator

If you are looking for a good alternative to GT Accelerator, there is one good option! Check out Tools Trades signals system. First of all it’s a legitimate transparent trading system which is comes with an algorithm that makes statistical calculation with a great accuracy. This is not a “magic wound” that will promise hundreds of thousands dollars on a daily basis. It is your own assistant that will help stay in touch with current trends and save your time on the market research so you can find better deal in shorter time. It is a brilliant, simple and transparent trading system. Check it out, if you want and leave a comment in the section below and tell us how it feels for you.

Wrapping up

So, we can tell you that GT Accelerator is a blacklisted scam. This automated trading app will stick you with some sleazy CFD, Cryptocurrency and Forex traders. All the people who involved in this project are ex affiliate marketers that can’t play by the rules and the only way they can earn a living is fraudulence. Unfortunately, there are dozens of such systems that pretend that they’re fair and honest with users, and GTAccelerator is one of them. We hope that this review helped you understand the difference between scam and fair system, and how to analyze the software which wears a fake mask. GT Accelerator failed every test and represented its fake nature with fake staff, fake CEO, fake reviews and fakes numbers. Always think for yourself and never trust your money to strangers whose talk is cheap and sweat. Share this article with friends in order to prevent fraudulence in your social circle.


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